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Have you been vaccinated?


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In Australia society is getting divided. Those that submit and get vaccinated will be given some of their freedoms back. Which is a real oxymoron. How can a freedom be given? It's not actually a freedom but just a right or privilege that can be taken away at any time.

While those who are not vaccinated are treated like lepers or a pariah in society. Shunned and treated like second class citizens. With no freedoms or privileges. They will be forced into constant isolation and seclusion. Deprived of basic human rights. All because they refuse to be forced to take an untested vaccine.

I've been kicked off several social platforms for speaking the truth. I wonder how long it will be before I get kicked of this one. 🦊

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Wow looking back at this thread and now knowing what's going on in other countries I'm glad I haven't gotten it yet. I hope I won't have to. 

A sentence in a letter sent out by my province. "The vaccine works." Literally, that was a sentence at the end of a paragraph.. why do you need to even add that? 

I agree @SubRosa, there's just too many red flags.

I sure as hell won't be forced into something I'm so unsure of. I've noticed change in behavior of those who do have it. There's a video floating around of the prime minister of Canada laughing stating that the government has bought out the media. There's also a video floating around of Elon Musk stating that you can control people when you mess with their RMNA. No thank you. I don't want that in my body. I won't treat vaccinated any different, but the vaccinated seem to be treating the unvaxxed as an issue or less than and it's terrifying.

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