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  1. The movie itself is kinda shit, but I love it how Paul Giamatti tries to literally snipe a baby in Shoot 'em Up, misses and ends up uttering "Well, fuck me sideways."
  2. Debate continued inside the quote.
  3. That's one way of putting it. Haha! It's a shame the song is among our record's less successful tracks, though. I suppose it's a bit too artsy for your traditional rock hit. But that's totally fine. It's a great closing track for a record so long as I'm considered.
  4. Good thing I'm not a US citizen. We've got a far better election system. I consider myself an economical centrist (which is basically a communist by American anarcho-capitalist standards) and a libertarian when it comes to one's personal liberties. Minus guns. Gun control is a good thing and guns being available for the stupid masses only makes world more dangerous. I don't care how you drink, smoke or fuck though. Prostitution and hard drugs should be completely legal and regulated. In theory a drug addict only hurts oneself and when it extends to others, they belong to either rehab or jail. Having sex for money is only good and fun so long as there aren't pimps involved and you wear a rubber.
  5. Yes, I have. I was out drinking with a (platonic) girlfriend a year or four ago. It was fun and eventually went to pass out in her place. The dream itself was horrible. I was out on a date with the very same girl. I used to have feelings for her. Anyway, we went past this German cab; or at least I thought she spoke German. We live in Finland so I got immediately suspicious. Why would a German cab drive around in a Finnish town? I told her to follow me and we kept going to this square in the middle of our city. Suddenly the sky turned crimson and the girl had all but disappeared. She was nowhere to be seen or heard. One by one I started seeing these black, cloaked figures. They were approaching me, speaking in a language I couldn't understand. With the "German" cab, I had this intuitive feeling that she spoke said language. This time I had no fucking clue what they were saying. Anyway, the figures came in closer and closer, still chanting in that made up language. I tried to scream and run, but I couldn't do either. The voice just never left my lungs and I couldn't move my body. I was completely paralyzed. I slowly began to wake in sheer terror, but couldn't open my eyes. I was fully conscious, however. I was absolutely sure that one of the figures was next to me and tried to scream for help. I was too quiet and nobody woke up to help me. It took me several minutes to regain control of my body. Or at least it felt like several minutes. I can't quite remember. I wound up writing a song about it which is the closing track of my band's debut album...
  6. Manson's music will and always be mediocre, pseudo-intellectual drivel. When it comes to allegations of his latest incidents, at first I was on his side for the sake of being a contrarian. I didn't want to automatically believe it. It's since started to look a little too unsavory for my taste, though. Be that as it may, I don't consider the crimes boycott-worthy. Just put him in rehab, make the motherfucker pay for the damages to his victims and perhaps he'll learn a thing or two. If not, perhaps a brief stint in the big house will teach him some manners.
  7. Without further ado...
    WormHoleDeath Japan to release the debut album of Finnish band Sirakh on August 25th.
    The debut album of Finnish Dark Alternative outfit Sirakh will be released in Japan on August 25th, 2021. The aforementioned full-length was released in the rest of the world in January, and has gained favorable reviews all around the globe; gathering a small following especially in Latin America and Russia.
    After dealing with internal struggles, Sirakh are currently about to move on to the pre-production phase of their sophomore record. The band has alluded that the future material will be even more polarized than the previous.
  8. One. A slightly unruly, but good hearted Rottweiler. He's a big baby.
  9. This heat is driving me insane...

  10. Just finished Soul on Fire, the life and music of Peter Steele. Currently tearing through HIM - Synnin Viemää. A Finnish-only autobiography of the band's exploits. Reveals their piss and poop-related humor, alcoholic ramblings and general deliquency. A fantastic read!
  11. I'd like to be able to believe, but I'm an atheist. Not based on faith, but common sense. I'm fairly certain that we return to the place we were in before our birth when we die.
  12. ...Oooh! And perhaps a little more support for artists, entrepreneurs and the like. This site isn't too focused on promoting what you do which, to me as an artist, kinda blows.
  13. Despite not being personally interested in the idea anymore, some sort of instant chat would be nice. I remember wasting hours upon hours back on the original Vampire Freaks' chatrooms. These forums are OK, but it doesn't give one the instant gratification of instant messaging. It also may be a good way to keep some younger people hooked if they end up stumbling here and creating an account, even.
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