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  1. just read a great superman script. no idea when itll be published not it wont be from dc comics either. 

    1. Graveyardensemble


      Warner brothers is putting out a Superman remake 

  2. Godzilla vs Kong and Mortal Kombat
  3. Vegas Trip Next Month hopefully!

    1. Pete


      Be safe !

    2. SulisRayne



    3. Omen


      What happens in Vegas stays in....


      Wait must be told to me. I've never been there but I often thought about taking a trip.

  4. going to the comicshop today its been months since i went there

    1. Omen


      I really need to go to one. The closest is 50 minutes away and I hate the area it's in.

  5. Paid my fee, paid for some of my art supplies, my text books. just need to get a sketchbook and sharpies. Tho i did spoil myself a new gamer chair

    1. SulisRayne


      sounds like a productive day

  6. i have a ps4, xbox one, nintendo switch, pc, n64 , sega dream cast, and atari jaguar. i may get a ps5 in the future but not at this moment since there isn't that many games and many ps5 gamers have it to upgrade their ps4 games.
  7. ive been wanting to do that since i hear stories from my grandmother that i am part Spaniard since my great grandfather is from spain and left there to live in mexico. i wanna know what else there is in my family bloodline.
  8. well i joined a fellow student's instagram group chat to help others out for writing. maybe this is how i make new friends at my college. 

    1. Pete


      Making new friends and helping other students.  Win win to me!

  9. the comic will take place in the 89 universe which also means batman returns as well, itll show us the robin we were suppose to have, billy dee williams two face, also poison ivy, harley quinn and batgirl. I am actually excited for this since I always wanted to see this universe expand. any batman fans here? if so who your favorite batman can be animated or live or video game.
  10. classes went well. thursday i gotta go pick up my art supplies. 

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