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  1. I have no idea, I just remember them making the FB group.. It's a good start where it's at you can't really expect a lot right away. I'm glad this site is here. I was a premium member as well, nope it doesn't matter. I hated premium it was so stupid how people looked down on those who were free members. VF died out, there was hardly any activity and like most of us, Jet grew out of it. There's only a portion of our generations that still cares about forums, and the generations that made VF as great as it was in the early 2000s grew up. Now most people want instant gratification like insta
  2. I think I have to agree. It is sad but I'm not surprised. It sucks that it is just another excuse for people to judge and blame alternative culture.
  3. Folgers if I don't feel like splurging on Tim Hortons. I like medium roast, I just can't get on board with dark roast for some reason.
  4. Instagram: Jesseka.mf Tiktok: NerdCake92
  5. I have a xbox 360, xbox one, ps2, ps3,PSP, wii, switch, DS and an alright gaming PC. I would love to collect some retro games someday. My favorite playstation games are god of war, the story line is absolutely amazing, I think I'll pick up a PS4 to play the third one. My fiance also wants a PS4 for other games as well. They seem to be going for a decent price on FB marketplace. Also the Assassins creed games are good, I just got Origins which looks to be Egypt themed. I just haven't had a chance to play it yet. Darn adulting always getting in the way! lol I think I'll be wait
  6. So I've recently become obsessed with doing my family tree, I've found relatives as far back at the 1700s and I'm still going. I think it's pretty cool. I did the DNA test and I'm pretty happy with the results with relation to Scotland, Norway, England. Have you done a DNA kit? do you care about family history? Were you worried about uncovering any family secrets like I was? 😅
  7. I wanted to be a mechanic hah! Funny how my fiance is a car guy, so now I help tinker with him sometimes. I wish you could help me with my house I'm awful at interior design, my walls are still practically bare because I have anxiety about what to put up so I just don't. lol
  8. You win! 😅 I wish I could have grown up in the 80s
  9. I'd like to think I'd make it a while.. maybe a few weeks.
  10. Yess! I drive by a house that is black like this and I dream of living in it. Unfortunately it was out of our budget when we were looking at houses. I can only imagine how beautiful the inside is
  11. Drew Fuller, he's literally my fiancé's doppelganger I swear. It blows my mind. Avril was probably my first girl celeb crush and then later moved onto Otep.
  12. Woohoo! 🥳 Congrats
  13. NerdCake


    They're all paid a ridiculous amount but they're also playing at a huge cost, their bodies and their entire lives dedicated. I check scores, my family members keep me updated on who is in the playoffs and whatnot I just never sit down and watch anymore. I did like watching UFC when it just started getting popular/started, I have a short attention span though
  14. NerdCake


    I used to watch hockey, but it has been a long time since I've watched a game.
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