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  1. I'm always up for meeting new people. Welcome to the forums.
  2. FeedYourAnger, NerdCake, OccasionalDemons a few others. I got bored with usernames quickly.
  3. In school I was just called "The girl that wears black" I think if I MUST give myself a title I would just consider myself alternative, nothing too deep. I like all music and dark colors. I still wear mostly black, I painted my bedroom wall black and I have some odd decor. Recently I'm really drawn to collecting bones. I'm interested in and have practiced witchcraft and I love horror. Call it what you will I guess
  4. Hello all! My daughter is an Aquarius! Very creative people.
  5. IMVU was another one I didn't really understand haha it was so awkward.
  6. No one is perfect and I'm sure we can all agree. However some people get so lost in their toxic behaviors I just don't feel like they'll ever return. I've had a very up and down relationship with my mother-in-law. She used to treat me as her own, but now I understand this was because I wouldn't say no to her and would do things her way. As I got older(I've been with her son for 10 years) I began to say no and make my boundaries very well known. Well, now our close relationship is no more, she will cry and say she has no kids, that they don't love her anymore and she has been shunned from
  7. Oh my gosh is Gaia still up and running? I forgot all about that. I wasn't very active on there though I was a little intimidated haha
  8. Skyrim, yeah. Oblivion is still my favorite game to date! Nothing will top it.
  9. NerdCake

    The Deep End

    I'm so sorry I lost my mom Oct. 2020 and it still stings every single day, not a day goes by that I don't just wish I could pick up the phone and tell her what we did for the day or what milestones my daughter is hitting. I keep pushing through because I know she'd want me to. My daughter and boyfriend keep me moving everyday and I'm so grateful for that. My advice... Feel your grief, remember that everyone does it differently and some people need longer than others. My grandmother passed in Jan 2020 and my aunt still has bad days. And that's perfectly okay! It will get easier to live wit
  10. I remember the signatures those were awesome but I don't remember fan fics
  11. Ah yeah I spent a lot of time on an anime forum just-dubs I think it was called? I'm not sure. Good times. Other than that I was on mostly Myspace and VF
  12. It's all over tiktok. A guilty pleasure of mine honestly I follow a few. I'm glad to see it alive and thriving.
  13. I thought you meant a person for a second!! I'm thinking well that's illegal. Very pretty dogs. lol
  14. I had many accounts NerdCake, FeedYourAnger, Dragonborn, Zombiie. I spent a lot of my time in Cults
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