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  1. Try a different email address?
  2. Well I hope it all works out for you. Don't get me wrong me and my ex definitely aren't good friends but it does help if you can half work together. Fingers crossed for you
  3. Why did I get a picture in my head of 5 blokes struggling to hold the back wall of a office up.😂.
  4. Sweet hope it goes well, what job did you get?
  5. Anything new going on in your life?
  6. no really I meant the dog breed.. That was not my way of admitting that I'm in the slave trade.lol
  7. Dragonborn? Oblivion quote? That still holds up as one of the best games I've played.
  8. No sadly but one day I will have a Northern Inuit
  9. Hi moon, would not have felt good calling you ShittenKitten.... Moon is much better.
  10. Not bad thanks, found out today I can still do cartwheel..lol. At least 10yrs since I last did one. How are you?
  11. I recognise 3 names so far. Nice to meet you all again in anyway.
  12. Well it's nice too see some old faces on here. Hope your both doing well?
  13. Hi all, I'm new here but used to be a member of the old vampire freaks site and wondered if anyone else made it here?
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