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  1. "believing we know the nature of what surrounds us simply by having given each element a name;" It seems so natural to humans to give things 'a name' so we can relate to them. We also tend to Anthropomorphise objects. As what we experience through our senses and our emotions are easier to come to terms with. So for e the concept of converting "objects into words" has little relativity without the reason for doing so. That being to make the object relatable. Though from a Christian perspective we understand the power of the word. A belief that is also held in many other religions. As the world was formed by the 'word of God". "the absence of meaning is unbearable" is perhaps an oxymoron at best. As even the absence of something becomes something. To say there is no meaning is to come to understand that the lack of meaning gives the subject meaning. Add to this " the structure on which they govern their life loses solidity." and we find that even science is coming to terms that there are quarks and other odd things that work at levels they can't see let alone comprehend. So these quantum elements that are part of the structure of the universe are also not art of it. They slip seamelesly from existing to not existing without effort. Some have come to call them the "God Particle". I will agree that some are motivated by "the bribery of heaven than by conviction" or even motivated by the fear of hell. But in both cases the end result would still be the same. If we take for granted that there is a Heaven and a Hell, and we take the next step and decide to accept that to enter this Hdeaven one must accept Jesus the Christ as the Son of God along with the terms and conditions attached; we would than end up respectively in either oiut come based on this legal premise. Regardless of our human foibles and earthly considerations that motivated our decission. I find our converstion boarding on one of "Belief vs Counter Belief" I'd like to list some considerations" Nhilism For the Nihlist: If nihilists's believe that there is no order in the universe and nothing is permananet; then woukd they need to fear death as they would experience nothing? For the Christians: If Christians are wrong and nothing exist after death; do they have anything to fear asd they won't experience their mistake after death? For the Recarnationists: If they are wrong and nothing exist after death; do they have anything to fear asd they won't experience their mistake after death? Christianity For the Christian: If Christianity is correct and there is a judgement day as well as heven and hell: Will their choide be more important than their motivation? For the Nhilist: If Christianity is correct and there is a judgement day as well as heven and hell: Will the awarenes of such a situtation become painfully real? For the Reincarnationalist: If Christianity is correct and there is a judgement day as well as heven and hell: Will the awarenes of such a situtation become painfully real? Reincarnationalism For the Christian, Nhilist and Reincarnationalist: No point of reference may be available as they each would be reborn without memories or their previous life. When ypu suggest that "freedom may be the way we interpret the world and how we react towards it" I would ask you; is freedom a vehicle or a destination? We earlier talked on what makes each of us who we are. Layers vs saturation? Do we evolve by the addition of layers of influences? Or do we slowly become saturated with the influence? For me, in either case, we end up accepting the limited understanding that freedom is deemed the removal of human and social limitations as to what we can do and achie ve. Yet this may not be the end of what freedom truly is. Freedom could also be the ability to bend time, reshape matter, fly freely and do the concievably impossible. Much like the Christian concept of God. Whom could be deemed the perfect example of being totally free. I must confess that I'm not certain as to the meaning of your sentence "What do you truly created by yourself; from the void? All was given.". But I can respond to the last part. From ther void, all was given may need some work. Other than the mysterious God atams scientist seem to agree that for matter to exist there needs to be matter. Or some form of energy that can create the matter needed. This energy may be God. I came across this interesting video. I look forward to your considered feedback.
  2. Touching Base Β© We don't see each other these days.Time seems to slip past too quickly.Before I know it I'm confused.Never sure what to read in silence.You live in another place.When we do talk it's now filled,With those awkward pauses and breaks.I tread gently never quite sure,Of what not to bring up or to say.Your life seems alien to me.The conversation is wrapped up.With promises to stay in touch.Calling more often then before.And then the painful words of good bye.I have lost such expectations.Then the silence of time passes.My imagination plays tricks.I begin to fear for the worse.And pray earnestly for your safety.My prayers are my comfort.God who in his mercy hears prayers.Will be there when you call on him.Then perhaps in time you'll reflect,And realize someone is missing you.Take care and travel safe.MJ Flack
  3. Sounds like a good read. In what way was or is it creepy? 🦊
  4. Almond Milk-Vegan Ingredients: β€’ 1 Cup Raw Almonds β€’ Water for soaking β€’ 4 Cups Water β€’ 1 tsp Vanilla Essence Instructions: β€’ Saok the almonds in the water over night. β€’ Rinse and remove skins the next day. β€’ Place almonds in either a blender or food processor. β€’ Add the water and vanilla and blend on high until smooth. β€’ Pass through a muslin into a clean bottle. β€’ Store in an air tight bottle in the refrigerator. NB: This is goood for roughly four days
  5. Who remembers Mr Natural? 🦊
  6. I firmly believe in a Heaven and a Hell. I have grown to believe and trust in the Bible. Especially now that so much of what is happening has been predicted in the book of Revelations 🦊
  7. It could be for someone other than me 🦊
  8. Maybe you could play them some Moody Blues? 🦊
  9. Do these changes make it harder to rebuild an old Model T Ford? 🦊
  10. Can I have a Crisis just for the fun of it? 🦊
  11. leaving no room for speculation or conjecture
  12. About This Cult Why things are the way they are? Thinking is an activity considered lascivious for those who live in peace. And they are right. Thinking comes as an attempt to comprehend reality in a disruptive way; deconstructs reality, questions phenomena, and acts that many gave for granted. Thinking is to the cognitive process like the wood is to the fire. An aphorism that I consider vital was said by Nietzsche: "One is always wrong. with two, the truth begins". Let us question and debate whatever we consider important and annoying in order to get closer to whatever truth may mean; the task of all those who don't consider themselves wise enough Philosophy 101
  13. I know there are many other Cult groups. So how about promoting your group here to get new members? 🦊
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