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  1. According to iflscience, people are feeding their pet leeches with their own blood! The real vampire of all! I understand the use of leeches for medicinal purposes but anything other than that is just gross. Not to mention is a risk for infection https://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/we-regret-to-inform-you-that-people-are-feeding-pet-leeches-their-own-blood/
  2. I'd be like why? why? why? I was finally able to get away from my ex, why did you have to bring her back in my life?! Lol jk 😜
  3. Saw I care a lot tonight on netflix. Thought it was an interesting movie. Has anyone of you guys seen it?
  4. So which brand of coffee do you buy from the store and how do you like your coffee done?
  5. MK is one of them and Disney's Cruella
  6. Welcome! I think im typically sleep the same amount of hours like you do. There are many great people on here!
  7. So I was at this health clinic the other day and this dude next to me was asking the staff for a cup of water but he asked in a very rude and condescending tone of voice. I was like "you dont know how to ask nicely huh?" His response was "im a man, and that's how i talk, man." I then said "I dont see how gender has anything to do with being nice and considerate especially when asking someone for something" he then looked at me and shut his mouth. But the thing whether you are a female or male, that shouldn't be a factor for how you should be acting. However, if you are an asshole, then th
  8. While everyone is asleep 😴 i am here awake

    1. Corvus


      What's sleep?

    2. Pete


      SLeep is for the weak! LOL jk sorry you couldn't sleep

  9. Insomnia


    Hello Nyx! There are many great and friendly vampires on here
  10. Come from an Asian family, if i were to put this in the house, my family would just scold me! Or probably will just put me in it and call it a day 😆
  11. Yeah because of the color, i actually didn't think of that. But imagine how warm it could be in the winter as well 😆
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