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  1. Raynu

    The Deep End

    Thanks for your kind words. ❤️
  2. this whole subject is very interesting.
  3. Raynu

    The Deep End

    I'd say life is getting to be a little too much here lately. All of the days are blending together and I'm pretty much on autopilot these days. Tomorrow, it'll be 2 months since my mom died - and i still fall apart every single day. Life is so much different. The world just isn't the same. For a while, I thought I could get through the motions of grief by loving and maintaining myself and my daily life. Just taking extra good care of myself and things in my life, making sure everything is squared away... Now I just feel stuck. I don't know how to move on with my life or where even to go from h
  4. yea, severe mommy issues. Ramirez took a few good bumps to the head and some suggest that creates violent killers as well...
  5. This is my Harley girl
  6. i just wish i could get a fucking break...just a little one

  7. very productive day, I'm happy with myself..

    1. Omen


      Being happy with yourself is a magnificent feeling.

  8. i dont fear dying. i need the rest. life has been very difficult for me and i am tired. however, i have this amazing child i'm raising that i owe every part of my being to.. so i have some shit to accomplish before i can just be okay with resting.
  9. strawberries and nutella

  10. My mother passed away on Valentine's Day, and I took a hiatus. I'm around, now. Slowly becoming social again. Life is just so different, now.

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    2. CountDarkness


      my condolences... 🙏

    3. NerdCake


      I'm so sorry :hugs:I lost my Mom last Oct and it's literally one of the hardest things you'll ever go through but the day to day does get easier I promise. If you ever need to talk someone don't be afraid to shoot me a message. 

    4. Raynu


      thank you. it is slowly getting better..

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