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  1. I do enjoy and embrace ideas that are different from my own. It helps me to open my mind up to things I didn't consider before. I would like to say that I'm open minded and take every thing in consideration. I appreciate your commentary.
  2. I think that human nature is the natural feelings, actions, and ways of thinking that are unique to humankind. I do believe that human nature is instilled in us from birth. For example when a baby is hungry crying is a way for them naturally to let the parent know they need to be fed. Or when a young kid doesn't get their way a tandrum is a way they naturally use to try to accomplish the goal of getting what they want. I do understand where your coming from. I do believe that because of morality people do have a clear distinction on right and wrong. That's what I think draws a fine line for people who I believe get a natural urge to want to fight back when presented by someone in a hostile way. I also think goodness is apart of human's nature. I think when one is kind to another its only to be kind back, but I do recognize that some people dont respond nicely to someone being nice to them. Possibly because of environmental conditions or because they were taught by other behaviors to be that way? Possibly so, and so while I do think that naturally people act and behave a certain way I do recognize that morality and environmental conditions does play a part in the way humans behave and act. I believe it's up to us to draw a line from right and wrong and to overcome behavior that's detrimental to humanity.
  3. I think that the ways of feeling, and thinking are apart of human nature. For instance we as humans naturally dont respond well to foul odors and tend to get upset when presented in a scenario. I do think that a person's environment and the way they were brought up does play a factor on whether or not they see violence as the ultimate way of going about things in life. But I do also think that when someone is presented with violence or if someone they love is hurt in a violent way it is natural to want to use violence towards the person who inflicted the violence. Like if someone murdered someone's mother or father who they were very close too of course naturally that person will want to see violence inflicted upon the murderer who killed their close relative. That's where morals and boundaries come in that stops people from carrying out violence and how your environment and the way you were brought up comes into play I believe. But I do believe ill will and wanting to hurt the person who used violence to harm the person's loved one will always be there. I think that's where forgiveness comes in to help people deal and cope with those feelings.
  4. I think humans will forever be violent due to violence being in human's nature.
  5. Honestly I can see both sides. I could see and understand how someone may just want to get a tattoo without telling their partner out of free will, but I also don't see how it would hurt telling your partner that your getting a tattoo. Especially since communication is one of the key factors of a healthy relationship.
  6. Which alternative subculture or subcultures do you identity with?
  7. Honestly I don't think I would survive just one hour in the wild alone 😆
  8. Pomegranate juice, lemonade minute maid
  9. Personally for me it's a yes and no. Yes because I'm afraid of going through the pain and no because it's natural and we all will have to face it someday.
  10. Name: Caleb Age: 21 Why did you join? I have a interest and deep curiosity in paranormal stuff. Anything else about yourself? I have a diverse taste in music.
  11. Pomegranate juice with fried fish and Mac and cheese.
  12. The Cure, Korn, Knocked Loose, Slayer, Drab Majesty, Horror vacui, Guns n roses
  13. Hello everyone! I'm Vader in darkness. I'm drawn to the spooky things in life and have a deep appreciation for art. I'm hoping to meet new people to interact and share common interests with on here.
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