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  1. Honestly I can see both sides. I could see and understand how someone may just want to get a tattoo without telling their partner out of free will, but I also don't see how it would hurt telling your partner that your getting a tattoo. Especially since communication is one of the key factors of a healthy relationship.
  2. Which alternative subculture or subcultures do you identity with?
  3. Honestly I don't think I would survive just one hour in the wild alone 😆
  4. Pomegranate juice, lemonade minute maid
  5. Personally for me it's a yes and no. Yes because I'm afraid of going through the pain and no because it's natural and we all will have to face it someday.
  6. Name: Caleb Age: 21 Why did you join? I have a interest and deep curiosity in paranormal stuff. Anything else about yourself? I have a diverse taste in music.
  7. Pomegranate juice with fried fish and Mac and cheese.
  8. The Cure, Korn, Knocked Loose, Slayer, Drab Majesty, Horror vacui, Guns n roses
  9. Hello everyone! I'm Vader in darkness. I'm drawn to the spooky things in life and have a deep appreciation for art. I'm hoping to meet new people to interact and share common interests with on here.
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