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    • MissGloom

      Started reading Nightmares & Fairy Tales by Serena Valentino (<3) I love it so far. It fits right in with all the other early to mid 2000s spooky comics. Creepy doll that brings misfortune, mysterious deaths, vampires, graveyards. Wonderful.
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    • MissGloom

      Obsessed with the song X-Mas-X by Paralysed Age currently, the chorus is so dreary.
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    • MissGloom

      First post... I started playing Alice: Madness Returns a couple nights ago. It's very different from the first game so far. I still like it but not as much so far and in a different way. But we shall see how it goes.
      Am currently listening to Night Thoughts by Gothica for the first time, a neoclassical darkwave album released in 2000. I like it all right so far. I've become more interested in neoclassical darkwave from things like Diary of Dreams and Violet Tears, which incorporate instruments like piano, organ, and fancy string instruments and stuff. Also the soundtracks of American McGee's Alice and Cossette no Shouzou have influenced me lately toward this direction, especially the former. I like the classical elements because it suggests it's from a time in the past. I like the conception of the Victorian era more than the Medieval period, though, and do not like folk stuff at all.
      Last night I listened to Royaume Mélancolique by Dark Sanctuary for the first time and I love that one. I know Dead Can Dance is very popular but I'm hesitant to listen to their neoclassical darkwave stuff because of how they intentionally distanced themselves from being considered gothic. I want music that more leans into it.
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