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  2. Through fire, nature is reborn whole. 

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  4. I was Suno, Neuromantic, and GothicChurro
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  6. SulisRayne


    I used to be into agrressive in-line skating and was a fan of the Yasutoko brothers. I still follow them on social media. 10+ years later and they're still great
  7. I was sulisrayne and Mamushkaaa
  8. I used the same name XxBellaClariexX. Another 1 was 6Raven lol
  9. I'm always up for meeting new people. Welcome to the forums.
  10. FeedYourAnger, NerdCake, OccasionalDemons a few others. I got bored with usernames quickly.
  11. In school I was just called "The girl that wears black" I think if I MUST give myself a title I would just consider myself alternative, nothing too deep. I like all music and dark colors. I still wear mostly black, I painted my bedroom wall black and I have some odd decor. Recently I'm really drawn to collecting bones. I'm interested in and have practiced witchcraft and I love horror. Call it what you will I guess
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  13. So what was everyones old vf users? Are you using the same one. I was redpaintblast and obviously still using the same.
  14. beep beep boop

  15. The real 2021 Oscar Original Song
  16. TragedyofPassion


  17. Rewatched MK 2021 when my brother visited earlier. Damm, that was some childhood nostalgia. It def brought back fun memories of when we used to play 

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