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Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?


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I haven't actually set a goal tbh. I'm just trying to enjoy things one day at a time, saving up for superficial stuff that I want to do or have. Maybe hopefully have enough credibility as an artist or writer and be able to sell my works at a higher cost or have more clients? Idk. I'm not even sure if I want this as a long term career because I'm afraid I'll get burned out and lose my passion. 

This question actually got me to thinking if I'm being pathetic for not having any concrete plans, but then I saw this quote. 


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16 hours ago, NerdCake said:

Winning the lottery, build a bigger house.. :hmm: I'm kidding. 

I have no idea honestly, I'd like to be making more money, have more chickens. Just continuing to be living my peaceful farm life. 

I like the idea of living in the country side with the farm house and raise chickens

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In 5 years I hope to be able to do more for those I love in my life. Maybe do more work with charity projects or try again to get a book I had worked on quite awhile back published. I dunno I want to do something that will be a part of something more. TO each of you posting where you see yourselves, I hope you all get your dreams and desires. 

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