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  1. Hi everyone! I have added a music discussion forum for the site. It's a sub-forum under Entertainment section. 🎶 Here's the direct link to the forum https://vampyfreaks.com/forum/23-music-discussions/
  2. Ever since covid-19, I haven't heard much about cosplay. Is cosplay still a thing these days? Do you cosplay or have you ever cosplayed before?
  3. Pete


    As an admin, I don't think VampyFreaks will ever be the same like VampireFreaks. While the social aspect of former VampireFreaks was about who's the hottest girls/guys and what have you, VampyFreaks will be focusing on the quality of communication via the forum platform. We do have the social page as well as some people do like that but our main focus is to have friendly and meaningful communication.
  4. I saw it few days ago! I do like the movie but like you said, the ending wasn't that great. I'd hoped the ending twisted differently
  5. Pete

    Meme dump

    Was this from a movie? Feels like I might have seen this from a movie but I don't remember the name
  6. Welcome to VF!
  7. Hey welcome to the site! Relive the moment
  8. Welcome! most of us here are into dark stuffs
  9. I'm only afraid of death when I haven't accomplished what I want to accomplish in life..so yes as of right now I am afraid of death
  10. The entitlement is unreal
  11. Hello darkness! Take me away! 😄
  12. Pete


    Hi Nyx welcome 👻
  13. Pete


    I see that you have VF hoodie, wait until VampyFreaks has a store, you better support and buy them as well! 😄
  14. Pete


    You are rocking that hair! it suits your face
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