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  1. LOL i honestly don't know what to believe. There are things that science cannot explain.
  2. one of those days!
  3. All of your inputs are very valuable, I just don't have the resources to execute them. Give me some time guys. I can't promise everything but I will try my best
  4. welcome to VF, everyone is welcome here and deserve the same respect
  5. Pete


    Hi welcome to the site! Occasionally, I also watch Disney movies with my little nephew
  6. Pete

    Happy 4th!

    For those who live in the United States, happy 4th of July!
  7. Moving this topic to appropriate forum
  8. Pete


    I hope you enjoy the site
  9. hello and welcome
  10. Good to see you here!
  11. Which makes me think the ease of use for the site may need improvement
  12. I see your point on support for bands and artists ect... I will have to look into how to execute it on a forum platform.
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