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  1. S oa bunch of korean music have been removed from global spotify. That sucked

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    2. SulisRayne


      @InsomniaNope, apparently Spotify and Kakao M (who distributes music for lots of k-artists) haven't finalized yet the renewal for Spotify. They said they're working on it

    3. Insomnia


      I hope they'll have it settled or Spotify will lose a small portion of its users.

    4. SulisRayne


      @Insomniayeah, plus streams are really important right now in the charts and those artists affected apparently lost thousands to millions of stream counts already 

  2. Idk about other countries, but here the restrictions on mass gatherings prevented conventions and other related events where cosplayers are usually found. There are probably some in online events
  3. I'd hug ashton and cry tears of joy
  4. Just so, so sick of all this hate against Asians

    1. Insomnia


      It has to stop

    2. Pete


      What do you think is the sources of this hate against Asian? 

    3. SulisRayne


      @Pete I've been coming across different news about Asians getting attacked randomly, or others spewing racist stuff and basically connecting the entire race to coronavirus. Based on those stories, it seems to stem simply from racism and unwarranted fear.

  5. Also looking forward to the two Rurouni Kenshin live action movies. Anyone seen the latest teaser?
  6. Welp. Sleeping pattern is still f'ed up

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    2. Pete


      Hey sorry didn't noticed I was tagged in here LOL @SulisRayne, @CountDarknessgo to your profile and click on "Edit profile" there should be and option for "Enable status update", just enable it and you should be good! 👍

    3. Pete


      Have you tried chamomile tea? Sometimes it helps you sleep

    4. SulisRayne


      @Petei tried! but we're out of it, so i need probably need to do a grocery run tomorrow lol. 

  7. I love the build up. Plus, all of them are pretty much twisted in their own ways, so you dont really know who to root for. I had hoped the girl would get what she deserved for how she treated the grandma lol but that ending was kinda lackluster. All that build up for nothing
  8. i'm not sure, but i think so lol
  9. I saw it the other day and thought it waa really good! I didn't really like the ending that much though. It wasn't as intense and justifying as I'd expected
  10. What movies are you looking forward to in 2021? I'm excited for Mortal Kombat and Coming 2 America
  11. There was a time when I would have welcomed it but now, I don't even know how I feel about it lol. I probably would be, if ever I'd be faced with it
  12. Good for you for calling him out. Sometimes some people just think they're superior and that they are not at fault. Fortunately, i haven't had any encounters like that yet
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