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  1. Hey gorgeous people! Hope you have been having an incredible week! I kinda forgot I was here lol.. AGAIN! XD 

  2. I totally forgot I was signed up on this site lol XD

  3. How is everyone doing? Do you have plans for 4th of July weekend?


    1. xXDarklyAngelXx


      I can't donate as I'm anemic and my body only makes enough blood for me to function basically, I feel weak just for a blood test, I've been banned from donating blood even though I have the universal blood of O+

    2. BrokenAngel


      Sorry to hear but at least the information is here for anyone who can 🙂

    3. azurasweetroll


      Thank you ! 🥰🏻

  4. LOL why am I not shocked? XD
  5. Possibly a stupid question.. I can see my posts, can anyone else so I know if I am doing this right lol. 

    1. Pete


      I can see it

    2. BrokenAngel


      Thank you!! I was like ok what did I do now because it kept giving me an error message but still looked like it posted lol 🙂

    3. xXDarklyAngelXx
  6. Im a realist, nope lol. I would however with my husband lol.
  7. Well if I wasnt already creeped out about being buried this was enlightening lmao XD Seriously though interesting information 🙂
  8. How is everyone doing this lovely night? 

  9. Im actually enjoying being here now that Im getting the hang of it lol.
  10. You are doing a great job and not kidding but so glad you posted it was a car, I had no clue lol XD
  11. Fall will always be mine. I prefer colder weather and watching the colors change 🙂
  12. I think they are all idiots. If votes came around again my cat would have my vote lol.
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