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  1. The real 2021 Oscar Original Song
  2. Kong Vs GodZilla sucked 😞 veyyyyyyyyyyy poor story 😞  not even the special effects managed to save the movie... 😞

  3. Helen Christensen is unforgettable 🙂 wicked game 😄
  4. And yeap ... another big argue with my mother.... and i just feel like crap.....

  5. Naaa... created an paypall account... problem solved... i hope...
  6. new? well.. my credit cards wont work on Aliexpress site... fuck security rules :X
  7. Back Office Support🙂
  8. yeah.. after more then 2 years unemployed.. started working 🙂
  9. 36 years ago i listened to this music... got goose bumps....36 years later...still does.... specially the last 30 seconds........ put your headphones....cranck the volume up... and let the notes feel you in and out!
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