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  1. fuck.. toothache :X

  2. E2dp5o_XEAE2TpU?format=jpg&name=medium


    yeahhhhhhhhh......  😄

    1. Insomnia


      New bike?

    2. CountDarkness


      i wish lolol!  not for my pocket 😄 


  3. hello and wellcome 🙂
  4. Dammm... at 45 y old i've seen so many it's hard to say what my favorite series were but... i guess from my childhood: It was Galattica , 3 Dukes of Hazard , Dallas, A-Team, Moonlighting, Cheers , Hill Street blues, and of course Mission Impossible 🙂 Then on my teenager years to my 20shis something: X-Files, Beverly hills 9010, Saved by the bell, Parker Lewis Can't Loose, Seinfeld, Twin Peaks, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Simpons, The Nany Later on my 30's till now.. Lost, Prision Break, Friends, Dare Devil, 2 and half men, Comunity, The Goldbergs, Parks & Recreation, Mom , Undatable, Brooklin nine nine, Scrubs and so many many many more.... Grey's Anathomy, Private Pratice, CSI, Stargate, Macgiver(the old one) , Alf , Who's the Boss, The menatlist, and on and on and on not to mention anime/cartoon series 🙂
  5. The real 2021 Oscar Original Song
  6. Kong Vs GodZilla sucked 😞 veyyyyyyyyyyy poor story 😞  not even the special effects managed to save the movie... 😞

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