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  1. 200.gif

    My reaction after watching the mk movie.

  2. Broken bruised forgotten sore, too fucked up to care anymore!!

    ¡¡ǝɹoɯʎuɐ ǝɹɐɔ oʇ dn pǝʞɔnɟ ooʇ ,ǝɹoɔ uǝʇʇoɹ ʎɯ oʇ ƃuıʇuıod



  3. This is a country tune I put together....enjoy....

    "There is a hole in the wall. What do I see? I see an ugly asshole looking right at me. I can see his eye surrounded in debris, There is a hole in the wall, what do I see?

    There is a mirror behind the wall, now I know who I saw. It was an omen with a ripped off jaw. Hated himself so he took a walk. Walked right off a building embracing the fall.

    There is a video behind the mirror. You should give that thing a view. It's a recording of what you wished was true. When you watch that flick. Omen is watching you. You became the hole in the wall. Because any asshole will do"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Omen


      Yeah. I come here once in a great while. This site runs faster but I know more people on GW.

    3. DeathPain666


      oh right on

    4. Omen


      Why are there no pictures of yourself? This always makes me wonder if you're pretending to be whom you aren't.

  4. After I've been called every name in the book plus some that the miscreant created that is yelling at me I calmly respond.

    dominic cooper preacher GIF by Amazon Prime Video UK

  5. Omen

    The term "Woke"

    Fuck the woke. They need to stop being sensitive pussies. Racism does exist and yes it's a bad horrible unexcusable act however it isn't as bad as these woke BLM, Antifa, liberals are making it.....I don't understand it though because I'm white right? Mother fucker I've been called honky, stupid ass white boy, cracker, ect. It doesn't matter. I don't make a huge ordeal about it. The only thing holding anyone down in America is the government or themselves. Race has nothing to do with your struggle. The borders are open now. We're letting everyone in. Rapists, dealers, murderers, addicts, it do
  6. Now the news is trying to say this Atlanta shooting was race related even though 2 out of 8 were white. The gunman stated it wasn't about race. It was about sexual addiction. I have a message for him and the mediafrank grillo omg GIF by Endemol Beyond

    1. Pete


      It was about everything

    2. SulisRayne


      Yeah, he apparently just had a 'bad day' :rolleyes:

    3. Omen


      It wasn't racism. The guy is a freaking psycho but it wasn't racist.

  7. I want a pair of black silk pants with "Stop reading my pants" going down the left leg and "Before the words hit you" going down the right leg. I want the lettering in blue so when someone fully reads it I can kick them black and blue....the pants with two puns to go with the buns and the guns. 

    tenor (1).gif

  8. Warner Bros Ice GIF by Mortal Kombat Movieapril 16th can't come fast enough.


  9. These pants are on their way.


    ¡¡ɹǝʞɔnɟ ɹǝɥʇoɯ uoıʇɔǝɟuı ǝʇoıqɯʎs ɯouǝʌ ɹǝɥʇuɐd ʞɔɐlq


  10. black and white rooster GIF

    Rooster was an overplayed song but this lyric resided deep with me. I know it's about a soldier and I'm definitely not one. I have gone to war with myself though.

  11. fight club advertising GIF


    I left that Tyler Durden cursing, hurting, nursing, 11 broken bones, you could call it in but you got no dial tone. His chest stopped bumping and he ain't breathing at all. There was no hope for him and no one to call. I even warned that mother fucker he was about to fall. He wanted to talk back so I broke his jaw. This wasn't fight club but it was a hell of a fight. He had trouble sleeping now he sleeps day and night. I hope in all our darkness that fella found the light. His broken, ripped open, frozen body was quite the sight. Tons of gray areas in the black and white. 

  12. I too enjoy the dark or stranger things in life.
  13. Crazy when a psychological thriller/horror can make your eyes water. Purge 2 is that movie for me. After all they went through....The tough mother fucker that protects a few strangers that got tossed into the purge accidentally. The reason that tough mother fucker is out to purge. The decision he makes at the end and how the strangers he saved save him. I classify it as the best fiction story that a movie has to offer. Even if you don't like bloodshed and thrillers the story is so worth the watch.

  14. Ivelisse, I'd love to wrestle her. I'd just be flirting and rubbing her the whole time. Every now and then I'd knock her down to make the match last longer. When I had enough I'd just let her pin me.
  15. Darkness is my favorite comic.
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