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  1. Depending on the length and seriousness of the relationship really. If you're in a serious long term relationship, I would think it's just polite to tell them. You're changing your body and there needs to be an openess with that. However, it's controlling (in my opinion) if you have to ask them.
  2. I paint figures in my spare time, and just finished Dark Knight Metal Batman


  3. Greetings and salutations
  4. Thanks! I love border collies
  5. I just had what was probably the best Papa John's in my life with a cup of Mellow Yellow. Because I care about my health
  6. Ash Vs The Evil Bed


  7. What colour and dye is that? I may have to go that colour myself ☺️
  8. Huge Batman (all of DC Comics) fan. I don't know how I feel about this comic yet. I'll wait till they start putting out the physical copies. I do love that they use the outfit from the figure though. My fear is it'll only be pandering to nostalgia, and skimp on story. A favourite Batman is so hard to pick. I guess I'd have to say Kevin Conroy, since when I read the comics that's the voice I hear in my head. They all have their positives and negatives...excluding Clooney. Hell, even the kid from Gotham did an amazing job with it I think. I love West too, the campy fun of The Time Batman Did a L
  9. I met my wife on TeenSpot back in the day. We talked and hit it off pretty quickly. We were married 4 years before she passed away. So I'll forever be grateful to online dating because it gave me the best four years of my life. I'm back on the dating scene now, and I'm talking to someone using online. It's only a 2 1/2 hour drive, but with both of us having odd hours and kids, it's hard to find time. But online tides us over in the meantime.
  10. Your American Psycho 2 obsession has gotten out of hand lol
  11. This is a long shot, but does anybody here remember Haunting Echoes?

    1. Undeadneko112


      nope, I do not recall 

    2. R0BINH00D1182


      It was a site a lot like this one, it was pretty rad

    3. Undeadneko112


      oh thanks for explaining it 

  12. In all honesty, this is something I've studied and thought about probably too much in my life. And what I have seen, is there is no one thing. It's a soup. You have to add the right ingredients at the right times. The problem being, everyone is a different type of soup, and you don't know that ingredients are needed until it's too late.
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