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  1. Full pot and if its just me half a pot.
  2. Four tablespoons of dark roast tim Hortons coffee. Double double.
  3. I use to hunt with my late uncle back in the back. We lived in the rez aka native reservation so we had to hunt for our food in the wilderness. But now that im old i doubt i can't do any of the trapping and hiking and so on.
  4. Haven't heared his infernal Majesty in a while. 

  5. No and yes for me. But eventually we will face death. It's not a matter of if but when.
  6. Time to smoke :bong:

  7. Usually when something like this happens. I just separate the art with the artist and continue living on. That's just me though others may differ.
  8. Name:brandan Favorite Anime:generator gawl Favorite Manga:mobile fighter g gundam Anything Else: bonjour
  9. Factories creating despair
    Industries pump anxiety
    Into the hands of man
    Manufacturing coffins filled with guilt

  10. Sleepy and listening to music. 

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