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What are you watching on netflix now?


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1 hour ago, PumpkinQueen said:

I started to watch Lucifer. I need to start watching more again, I keep getting too caught up in other things.

Lucifer is great!

44 minutes ago, SulisRayne said:

Just finished watching Kono Oto Tomare. It's awesome. Started watching Kakegurui, and I'm hooked so far

You must be anime/manga fan? 😇

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23 minutes ago, PsychoticQueeny said:

I just finished To The Lake there was only one season but liked it quite a bit. Now on Superstore season 2 and it's funny.

Lol Superstore also one of my favorites

1 hour ago, SulisRayne said:

I've seen the first season of Lucifer! 


I used to be an anime/manga fan back in the 90s/early 2000s lol. I'm just getting back to it now that I have more time. I'm guessing you are too? 😁

I'm not much of an anime fan anymore 🙂

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10 hours ago, Pete said:

How do you like it so far? Anddd....do you have a favorite character yet? 😊

I love it. I don’t know who my favorite character is they’re all constantly changing so much lol. Like I hated Cane but now I love him. (I’m in season 3). I really like Lexa (was crushed by her death). 

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