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KARENbook, sure, good luck with that shit. It's totally run by bots and, how many peops are even still really active on it?

So far as I can see, there's no way to modify the profile page by HTML or Java as far as I can tell and tbh, no added shop, so no income meaning passing this small forum stage into actual site.,. and tbh it feels more like some light version from a gaming forum, not an actual VF replacement.,.

I used to be Premium Member.,. but aniway, like that even matters much atm.,. I still find it strange, how jet shut it down, right on a VF model her birthday.,. That was really disrespectful from Jet, I'm srr, but that really is.,.

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I have no idea, I just remember them making the FB group..

It's a good start where it's at you can't really expect a lot right away. I'm glad this site is here. I was a premium member as well, nope it doesn't matter. I hated premium it was so stupid how people looked down on those who were free members. VF died out, there was hardly any activity and like most of us, Jet grew out of it. There's only a portion of our generations that still cares about forums, and the generations that made VF as great as it was in the early 2000s grew up. Now most people want instant gratification like instagram or Tiktok.

The model birthday could have been a coincidence and Jet didn't owe his entire site to one model?. He was likely paying monthly for servers? (Not sure how that shit works) I'm just guessing that could be the day his bill ended. Who knows.  Who cares. It's gone now. Dude has other shit he wanted to focus on. :shrug: Not mention VF turned into a shitshow towards the end.

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As an admin, I don't think VampyFreaks will ever be the same like VampireFreaks. While the social aspect of former VampireFreaks was about who's the hottest girls/guys and what have you, VampyFreaks will be focusing on the quality of communication via the forum platform. We do have the social page as well as some people do like that but our main focus is to have friendly and meaningful communication.

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