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  1. I love that you still use the cover art I made for you. 

  2. I would travel back to 1994 when I was 23. I would kick a certain ex to the curb instead of wasting 5 years of my life with him and do so many more things than I did. Instead of working in London for 2 years I would work there for 4 and do tripple the amount of travelling and see many more bands that I did. If keeping my memories intact means I also keep the confidence I have now I would go absolutly wild and not be held back by my shyness.
  3. I am wondering how the pandemic will effect the goth scene in the long run and also the developement of new sub cultures in the future?

    1. Insomnia


      Thats actually a pretty good questions

  4. If anyone is still on one of the many VF discord groups perhaps posting there will bring more people?
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