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Should you be telling your bf/gf if you going to get a tattoo?


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So i understand people are entitled for their body and they have a right to do whatever they want. My question is, if you were going to get a tattoo,  should you have a courtesy to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend ahead of time? Or you just going to get one without bother mentioning it?

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I mean kind of? I don't understand why you wouldn't mention it considering they're your partner and you typically talk to your partner daily so typically a person would say "I'm thinking of getting this tattoo" you know? It would come up in conversation is what I'm saying. Unless they wanted it to be a surprise then that's cool too. 

It's a different story if they purposely hide it because they're scared you'll be negative about it. Then that's just some toxic shit. :shrug:

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Depending on the length and seriousness of the relationship really. If you're in a serious long term relationship, I would think it's just polite to tell them. You're changing your body and there needs to be an openess with that. However, it's controlling (in my opinion) if you have to ask them. 

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