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  1. Yeah part of what built the original VF was its support for bands, models and artists. So some sort of support for them would help them and help the site. also you might need some help as well. if this does eventually take off you're going to need it.
  2. You doing all this stuff yourself Pete?
  3. Nice, do you have any particular goals for the site or anything you plan on doing next with it?
  4. rereading tolkien as an adult. rewatching the xfiles
  5. Well Lets see how this site plays out. Who is running this site anyhow? Just curious

  6. I get the impression most of us were on the original VF. I used the same name.
  7. forever and a day ago when i was in school i was called goth. looked it up once the internet became a bit wider used, and i don't fit 100% into it so i don't try but its close enough. Much of what I enjoy is Goth and Punk i'd say. Though I'm interested in learning about whatever else i can read about.
  8. Do you remember what former cults you used to be in? seems like i was in too many to even remember at one point.
  9. Let's see how this site ends up. How long has it been here?
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