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  1. I have several bands I love. My love for music is truly all over the place. But my top 5 are: 1. Slipknot 2. Bullet For My Valentine 3. Breaking Benjamin 4. Imagine Dragons 5. Panic! At the Disco. I also adore both In This Moment & Queen very much so. (Seeing Bohemian Rhapsody made me appreciate & love Freddie much more.)
  2. At some point I want a PS4 because of the console exclusives, but I'd upgrade my xbox before getting a PS5, but that's my personal preference.
  3. At 5'0, I prefer my partners taller than me lol. My husband is 6'2. xD
  4. My husband and I were long distance until 2016. We actually met through a gaming clan while playing Call of Duty. March makes 9 years being together and September will make 6 years being married. So yeah, the only online dating that ever worked for me.
  5. I was actually thinking like in cults. The ability to have layouts etc.
  6. Name: Sammie Favorite Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Favorite Manga: Alita: Battle Angel Anything Else: Hi
  7. Debating on bringing in one of my old cults. Haven't decided which one yet.

    1. Pete


      or both? 😄

    2. SulisRayne


      What are those cults about?

    3. Azucar15


      Which cults?

  8. Is there a way to have better control over the coding like on VF? Both HTML & CSS?
  9. Name: Sammie Age: 31 Why did you join?: Paranormal stuff is interesting. Anything else about yourself?: I wish I was a medium. I think communicating with spirits could be interesting.
  10. I play this almost daily. Sprinkle is my absolute favorite so far.
  11. This is such a good movie. It makes me have serious appreciation for Noomi Rapace. (The girl who plays the septuplets.)
  12. This actually sounds pretty interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about it being done to my body, per say. But interesting nonetheless.
  13. Mimikyu

    Uh hi

    So I hate doing introductions, but I'll do my best lol I'm Sammie. I was on VF from 2006 to the day it shut down. I'm 31, married and I'm a twitch streamer. I have a ton of things I'm into. Probably way too many to name off. I was known as AnubisRising for quite a while on VF, then I changed to Mimikyu....which is what I chose this site lol. So uh hi.
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