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Lockdown again


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Well, my province recently went into lockdown again. We were doing so good for numbers too, we had a chance at a semi normal summer. *le sigh* oh well.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Don't forget to take care of yourself during these times. 

How is everyone's weekend going?

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It's the main city for us. Our numbers were basically none with a few in the city every once and a while. But now it's spread like wildfire and we're all paying for it because of a few irresponsible people. :facepalm2:

I don't socialize anyway but I would like things to hurry up and go back to normal. I had to postpone my mothers funeral/celebration of life ceremony for the second time.  They say the end of May but with numbers still rising on our second week of lockdown I think it will be into the summer that we will still be in lockdown. 

Good luck, I hope yours is lifted on the 20th. 🤞


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10 hours ago, Insomnia said:

We are doing ok here in the states. Things are slowly opening up. In my state we dont need to wear mask in public unless it is required by businesses

Well that's good news. I hope we can get to that point this summer. We're also really slow on vaccinations, I think right now it's older generations and essential workers. 

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Sadly Australia is going in and out of lockdowns. With a growing panic from both politicians and the media. Looks like there will come a point when people will say, enough is enough. This whole mess has done nothing to create confidence in either our politicians or the media. As for the range of vaccines that are more dangerous than the actual virus? That will be realized as more and more people start dying from them. 🦊

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retrotoons and I are in the same boat. The situation in Sydney AU is worse now than last year. Unfortunately I am unable to work from home all the time. I have had my first vaccine dose and waiting on my second. The vaccine roll out here has been a joke. The waiting times and cancellations are ridiculous. 

I fear for my kids as they are not able to get their vaccines yet. There is talk of students going back to school next term but I am not going to send my kids back until they are vaccinated.   

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