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6 hours ago, GothicChurro said:

Icon avatars, yeah a newsfeed section, status customization

Icon avartars like separately from profile photo? The personal newsfeed section most likely will be in your profile make sure you have it enabled (by default its not). Ill probably will have a dedicated page just for newsfeeds

6 hours ago, HansTheVicious said:

What about some kind of newsfeed? Also if there's a way to see your about me on your profile it would be great (currently I don't see it)

If you have something filled out in your about page it will show up in your profile.

6 hours ago, MisleadingTragedy said:

Could you add more privacy options? As to what people can and can't see on your profile etc?

I'll look into it on this one

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6 hours ago, SulisRayne said:

Not sure if I just couldn't find it, but maybe an About or FAQs page? To explain the different features + the reputation and perks if there are any? 

It's confusion especially everyone is new to the site. I'm working on that right now 🤓

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2 hours ago, Azucar15 said:

Oooh ok thanks! 
also, I’m super dumb and can’t figure out how to make a status 😂😂😂😂

Lol! Go to your profile and enable profile status feature. By default this is disabled

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I second the idea for a newsfeed. If there's one already I've not stumbled across it yet

The ability to make profiles only viewable to someone if they're logged in

Option to turn off your current activity without hiding your online status

Relationship statuses with ability to link to other members (that was one of my favourite features)

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