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Life after death?


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So I wanted to start this conversation as to what people think of what will happen after we die. Do you believe in there such thing as life after death? Do we just ceased to exist or do we continue to live on like Casper 👻? Lets us hear what you are thinking!

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I'm psychic & a empath and I have had weird paranormal/occult related experiences. I'm not religious but I am a spiritul person and I have always been open-minded about spirituality/paranormal, the spiritual realm, and witchcraft. 

I have precognition- (intuitively knowing/sensing something will happen before it actually happens)

I have been psychic since I was 16 and a empath 

I had a bad feeling, and felt sad and a depressed and had no readon to feel that and later found out that my grandad had died the same day. My grandparents died when I was 18, at their funerals I mentally (in my mind) asked them if there was a way to prove that there is life after death,then they should return and prove it to me. My house was haunted a few months afterwards, I felt like I was going crazy and I felt one or more spirits following ne around the house. A spirit was standing in the corner of the room and staring at me, it felt intense, a spirit would follow me and stand very close and creepily whisper my name. The creepiest thing that happened was when I was watching tv, the door handle rattled as it soneone was touching it and trying to open the door, I was by myself and then the door opened eerily slowly. It felt like a spirit was standing in the doorway and then it came ibto the room and stood very close to me, it felt like all the air in the room was taken out of it if tgat makes sense, because it felt as cold as a meat locker. I put a blanket on myself but I was still very cold, this really freaked me out so I literally ran upstairs to my bedroom. I never saw anyof the spirits but I fekt their energy and presence.

Other paranormal experience: This has no explanation, I have no idea what is was. I would sonetimes feel a massive whoosh of energy from the left side of my body, and positive energy around me. It would stand near my bed and I felt energy like from wings flapping near me. I smelt roses or something floral for no apparent reason as well. It happened a few tines. Not sure if it was an angel, fallen angel, demon, entity or sonething else because I didn't visually see it, I just felt it's energy/presence.

Other paranormal experience which may relate to experience I just mentioned involves two beings that I didn't see. Something that has sharp claws strached my bedroom door, because it wanted to cone into my room, but another being possibly a angel prevented it from coming into my room. It wasn't my cat because he was outside and he usually meows and s rayches my bedroom dor when he wants to come into my room. (Unfortunately he died) Other experiences I have had were demonic encounters, and a spirit placing their hand on my head and praying for me while I was asleep. My friend confirmed it was a female spirit, placing their hand on my head while i was asleep and praying for me during astral projection. 


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