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What would be your dream (or nightmare) Halloween party? (if money wasn't an issue)


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The dream- fun costumes, good music, beer (or other fun drinks), good food, my husband dressing up without complaining or coercion, and home by midnight because I'm old. 😂

The nightmare- people wearing costumes with heads on them (like mascots), drinking too much, too many people, and staying out really late- again, I'm old and just have no desire to be out late anymore. 

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My dream Halloween party would feature a festive array of people in costumes, quality candy, good music, classic movies, and an overall spooky atmosphere.

My nightmare Halloween party would involve the guests becoming the characters as whom they are dressed. Of course, the threat likely would be higher if these characters posed any real danger, such as a supernatural being or super-powered villain. On the flip side, it may be interesting in the least to see such an event unfold.

Ah, the possibilities of a Halloween party. What fun (or fear) there is to be had.

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