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can you believe this?


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So I was at this health clinic the other day and this dude next to me was asking the staff for a cup of water but he asked in a very rude and condescending tone of voice. I was like "you dont know how to ask nicely huh?" His response was "im a man, and that's how i talk, man." I then said "I dont see how gender has anything to do with being nice and considerate especially when asking someone for something" he then looked at me and shut his mouth.

But the thing whether you are a female or male, that shouldn't be a factor for how you should be acting. However, if you are an asshole, then thats a different story.

Have you guys experienced of anything like this?

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This is that happens after generations of "boys will be boys" mentality. The douchebaggery out there is staggering. I grew up in small town America. 2000 people in my home county. And the chauvinism is still unreal. When I got married, the advice I got from my aunts was "don't hit her, but make sure she knows you're the boss, because you're the man". 

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