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Ancestry/DNA kits

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So I've recently become obsessed with doing my family tree, I've found relatives as far back at the 1700s and I'm still going. I think it's pretty cool. I did the DNA test and I'm pretty happy with the results with relation to Scotland, Norway, England. 

Have you done a DNA kit? do you care about family history?

Were you worried about uncovering any family secrets like I was? 😅

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I’m thinking about getting my dad and me the test, if anything just to piss him off about certain ancestors. Like I know we have French ancestry and he for some reason hates the French. I just want to be able to point out “hey, you’re 16% French! Haha!” Also the possibility that there could be non white ancestors and he’s racist as fuck. I’d hold it against him forever lmao. 

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