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  2. Name: Galaxia Favorite Anime: Devilman Crybaby Favorite Manga: Jujutsu Kaisen πŸ™ Anything Else: I’m new to this site and I love anime but don’t have the energy to watch it sometimes. I love Kanye West.
  3. Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas, if you celebrated it.
  4. Name: Jason Favorite Anime: Attack On Titan Favorite Manga: Fuuka Anything Else: It's good to be back home. Just wish this site was active.
  5. Honestly rereading Ouran High School Host Club! ahahaha bit of a guilty pleasure! but im always down for a Junji Ito book πŸ€“
  6. Name: Sheila Favorite Anime: Fruits Basket Favorite Manga: can't think of one Anything Else:
  7. Based on the article, it seems like it's the network's fault lol. I haven't seen it yet although I've read the synopsis. Seems kinda similar to Redo of Healer because of the reset and apparent lack of morals?
  8. I should really come on here more.
  9. I like the anime, it sorta does have that flaw, but is still really enjoyable. I have also gone to the novel and I am really hooked
  10. Soo much activity, but than again, won't blame you. This feels not really like VF much.,. Aniway, saw this a few days ago, it's kinda strange, because the anime isn't that bad. I mean, it's totally not to the level of redo of healer, so, kinda weird and kinda leaves me frazzled.,.
  11. I'm.,. I'm Maria.,. My favorite anime: to many tbh, but aniway, one of them is Darwin's game Favorite manga: Sky High Anything else: not really, besides it feeling kinda, empty-ish.,. Sort of like you know, the island, where the world sort of hits the reset button.,. and tbh, I don't really lime it that much.,. πŸ˜• But myeah, whatever, like they say in my nation.,. "we'll see, told the blind.,."
  12. Name:brandan Favorite Anime:generator gawl Favorite Manga:mobile fighter g gundam Anything Else: bonjour
  13. Name: Sammie Favorite Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Favorite Manga: Alita: Battle Angel Anything Else: Hi
  14. What are your favorite anime genres to watch? I mostly tend to check out slice of life, fantasy, and shoujo anime
  15. Name: Jo Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho Favorite Manga: none Anything Else: hello~
  16. Name: Jessica Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket Anything Else:
  17. - Ore Monogatari!! - Kono Oto Tomare - Boys Be - Fruits Basket
  18. just writing my comicbook while taking notes for its future
  19. Name: Jordan Favorite Anime: Inuyasha Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket Anything Else: Hi
  20. I'm about to find something to watch. Maybe finish that Ghost Adventures episode lol
  21. I was about to watch black butler but it seems my netflix leeches have used up all my screens.
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