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  1. I should really come on here more.
  2. What manga are you currently reading?
  3. Which romance anime is your favorite? Which ones would you recommend watching around Valentine's Day?
  4. What anime are you watching for the current season? Which ones are your favorites so far?
  5. Talk about anything and everything here! It's been a while since we've all been in a "cult" together, so lets catch up!
  6. Introduce yourself to the other club members here! Name: Favorite Anime: Favorite Manga: Anything Else:
  7. Ayasha


    Hey Jen, it's nice to see you on here.
  8. Jordan! It's nice to see you on here.
  9. Ayasha


    Hello I am Aya, my username on vampirefreaks was Ayasha. I saw about this site when a friend posted about it on Facebook.
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