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Millennials, do teenagers officially scare you yet?


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Or am I just old at heart?:rofl:

Anyone have a Gen Z in their life?


My 14 year old niece didn't know that < 3 makes a heart in messenger. No idea what emo "was". Doesn't even know who Brittney Spear is. :shocked:

This kid makes me feel ancient every time I visit her haha

Gen Z just blows my mind, either really progressive or really aggressive. :lol: 

Don't even get me started on how those little buggers sneak pot with their little vape things in school. Jeeze.

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I have a 8 year old nephew and he is something. I showed him what I grew up with he is just some impressed. The other day I was trying to explain to him how internet back then was via dial-up that every time you had you use the internet, the phone was busy. He learns my dinosaur past and I learn his present time 😁

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Yeah they do but not for reasons like that more like the 13 year olds that live in my complex threaten younger preteens with knives and literally do armed robbery on them (happened 2 nights ago, no I'm not in a big city either). Or the 11 year old that lives here and pulled a knife on someone at school recently

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As a Baby Boomer I do find it unsettling to see the glazed unfocused look in many you ng people’s eyes these days. As well as a lack of any sense of humour. I told a younger person a joke and I swear it looked like they were passing a kidney stone as the just stood there starring at me. It was freaky to say the least 🦊

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