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lunar eclipse


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3 hours ago, Nivram said:

im really gonna try, but we have over cast here in Milwaukee so that might make it difficult. I got my binoculars ready and im awake so far.

I took some pictures a bit ago before things were happening. But, when I went back outside the overcast was so heavy. Hopefully, I'll get a pic at least.  :witch:

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Sadly. I guessing, the eclipse would only be viewed in the Northern Hemisphere? More likely North America? I live upside down in Australia. I'll have to settle with this.



Question: How does the eclips work in with the Flat Earth Theory? 🦊

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a couple of these shots you took almost looked like a falling star. when i got up to go out and see she appeared to be cresent. Either way you and I and perhaps others on here made a point to see this amazing moment in history. I used my binoculars which was breath taking. Nice shots, thanks for sharing...


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