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Ancient Aliens and Racism?


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I had thought I had heard everything. But today, while looking at claims of ancient aliens visiting the earth in a distant past, I came across the seemingly crazy claim that exponents of such alien encounters are racists. Can the liberal left get anymore weird in their attempts to ‘other’ anyone who doesn’t agree with them?


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3 hours ago, Jack said:

Have you not heard of speciesism? I'm pretty sure a lot of humans would be be prejudice against Aliens, sadly. People tend not to be open to things they don't understand.

Yes, I’ve heard of speciesism. As for not liking unknown things, I believe that is called being xenophobic. A sad condition many suffer from. 🦊

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Left, right. Doesn't matter. Both are practically right-wing in the US. Both worship money over human rights. Only the other side hates gays and the other hates them less. The other wants more guns, the other doesn't. Those are the only differences, otherwise they're the same. It really doesn't matter who you vote for in that hell hole.

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17 hours ago, Nivram said:

no offence but my super nerdy hacker friend that ive known since i was a teenager told me to never click on a stranger's link cuz that can sometimes be a trap. 

Okay, I guess I’m a stranger. Though the link was to a website that purports to link those that say alien civilisations once like vex on the earth with modern racism. I still am not able to come to terms with the logic. 🦊

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