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Feel like shooting the shit? Miss those fun cults about absolutely nothing back in the VF days? Join wtf because it's good for your health.
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  2. if there is anyone interested in chatting about random stuff im your person
  3. RedRaven


    My name is Raven, I would like for my small business to succeed, I love shells and cheese, and I'm learning to be a psychic medium.
  4. I remember being in a few different site modeling ones, but the most remember able one was a Aiden fan page one xD
  5. Do you remember what former cults you used to be in? seems like i was in too many to even remember at one point.
  6. Valenzia


    My name is Destina. What's yours? What are your ambitions? What's your favorite pasta noodle? What's interesting about you?

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