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i am taking a long break from social media! unsatisfied by who i have met!


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18 hours ago, Applepies said:

He might be obsessive and controlling but choice between someone who doesn't show emotions and someone who is devoted. I rather be with the one who fights! It might be toxic but I rather have someone who can't just let go. He never gave up on me after high school after college! After all the dark months ,all the times I ran.

Deeply sorry if I didn't live up to your expectations. ☠️

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Enjoy your break though I have no idea who you are lol. Hopefully 2023 is more up to par for your expectations and not to be rude or anything but maybe you should concentrate on bettering yourself and making yourself happy instead of looking to find people who meet your ideal thought of what or who a person should be within your mindset. Not everyone is around to make life more amusing for you and others have things going on 🙂 Either way I wish you the best and I truly hope you take this time to reflect on who YOU as a person are ❤️ 

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I wasn't calling everyone out! By the way. Surprised by the reaction! I know we don't know each other. I was talking about someone specific! How things were manipulated. I rather get back with my ex boyfriend. Maybe I was little bit anxious didn't explain well enough! No bad vibes on the people who have no idea who I am.  Thank you! And I will be going for better myself after last six years! 

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