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I figured I'd start a poetry or writing column. Post your work here and maybe you'll get feedback. I'll start 

Omen Darkness 

They say I am a die hard Omen/
They call me Omen McClane/
Some call me Johnny Omen/
Some call me Omen Rain/
Perhaps I’m a toxic Omen/
They call me Omen Bane/
Am I psychotic or joking?
Joker Omens insane/
Batman just got covid/
Carved a smile on his face/
Now Bruce’s back will be broken/
Good riddance Mr. Wayne/
Jumped from Gotham to hell’s kitchen/
Here I am In New York/
I’m on a daredevil mission/
I’ll pop his head like a cork/
He thinks he got me in position/
However I can see his horns/
He gets a few licks in/
Yet my body starts to morph/
Tentacles burst through my skin/
Make Murdock’s body contort/
They call me Omen Darkness/
The light here was cut short/
My darkness blades are the sharpest/
He is hung upside face to face/
I cut a slash across his chest/
Then I throw him away/
I could have left him a mess/
He means well so he stays/
Put my patience through a test/
You could end up in a grave/

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I enjoy writing poetry. Have been doing so since I was roughly 12 years old.

There is Wisdom ©

There is wisdom in the wind.
Over the world that we know.

There is wisdom in the clouds.
All our dreams and fears away.

There is wisdom in Gods love.
Through this maze we call our life.

There is wisdom in these words.
Of a life so deeply blessed.

There is wisdom in this time.
Of a friend that's sorely missed.

There is wisdom.

M.J. Flack

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Life's Little Dream ©

We are but gentle smoke.
Drifting across life's page.
Touching the surface of things.
Never leaving more then a trace.
Of our being here.

We are but summer rain.
That passes in the night.
Gone like the dew by morning.
Unnoticed by those who have slept.
In silent repose.

Life is a little dream.
Made of vague images..
Like smoke and rain is soon lost.
Leaving only a vague memory.
Of shadows we cast.

M.J. Flack

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Touching Base ©


We don't see each other these days.
Time seems to slip past too quickly.
Before I know it I'm confused.
Never sure what to read in silence.

You live in another place.

When we do talk it's now filled,
With those awkward pauses and breaks.
I tread gently never quite sure,
Of what not to bring up or to say.

Your life seems alien to me.

The conversation is wrapped up.
With promises to stay in touch.
Calling more often then before.
And then the painful words of good bye.

I have lost such expectations.

Then the silence of time passes.
My imagination plays tricks.
I begin to fear for the worse.
And pray earnestly for your safety.

My prayers are my comfort.

God who in his mercy hears prayers.
Will be there when you call on him.
Then perhaps in time you'll reflect,
And realize someone is missing you.

Take care and travel safe.

MJ Flack

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The Journey ©

Perfect redemption.
Through Jesus Christ.
Gods’ Grace is fulfilled.

rightened hearts.
Fellowship of believers.
The communion of saints.

Sharing love.
To a lost world.
Tragic souls in darkness.

MJ Flack

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