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A hearty chuckle.


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I haven't checked my profile in a bit, noticed "winning the day" on 5/7, same day I had a heart attack

Ended up ignoring the pain for 3+ hours, realized laying down & drinking cold coffee wasn't going to make it pass....although this one may have if I slept instead.

Some fun irony there

The staining on the wristband is just blood from when they cut open an artery on my wrist to jam a catheter camera up my arm & into my heart.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not only a shooting pain down the left arm accompanying the stabbing chest pain (kinda like being punched in the chest every few minutes, just internally) that's indicative but arm pain in general as both triceps felt like a hammer had said hello to them.


Almost a month now & not a single answer despite a never-ending onslaught of tests.

I assume it was the overwhelming stress in the weeks prior as it felt like that "flushed" it away but no dr/aprn will concede that something so simple could be the root despite no blockages/text book comorbidities present.



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1 hour ago, Trappernicus said:

Praying you are feeling better and taking better care of yourself.

Thanks man Feeling so-so but I hear it takes a few months to get back to normal.

Still can't get over the cardiologist telling me "By all appearances you have the heart of a 16 year old"....great news but I wonder what it was like prior or what would cause the angry ticker.

Now it's time to find an exercise partner, the boredom was what slowly had me stop over the past couple years.

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