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Swastika is the name in Sanskrit, which is designated for the symbol in question.


The Swastika can be understood as a polar symbol: The center of the cross is the aerial point from which one looks at the axis, which crosses a sphere. The arms of the cross represent the direction of rotation of the sphere. Since the Swastika is originally related to this motif (and to others of a solar nature), it is also considered a symbol of life, since it implies movement and change. It is interesting to know the genesis of the symbols, since they contain information passed down through generations to us, which dialogues with our supra/unconscious.


The use that the Nazis gave to this symbol, for example, could be a kind of reversal of meaning in the symbol: the sacred becomes profane and vice versa.


Sacred must be understood as that which refers to Beauty, the closest thing to Truth, and constitutes, precisely, the organizing center of the life of a person, a society and a planet. A society without a soul therefore does not know the origin of the symbols that once injected meaning into it and the origin of the symbols that now govern it.





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---The Triforce: Ancient Symbology in Zelda - - -

Triforce is the name that the developers have given to the most powerful symbol in the video game they have created: Zelda. As expected, they did not invent such a symbol.


This is a version of Solomon's seal, represented by 2 triangles: one with the vertex facing up and the other with the vertex facing down, which at the same time refer to both the symbol of the mountain and that of the cave.


The triangle with the vertex facing up refers to the Mountain: the polar symbol of the axis of the world. In turn, it is thought of as an icon of the Satya Yuga, contained in Hinduism, and means a Period of truth. Why? Because the image of the mountains is accessible to anyone capable of looking; they are very obvious to anyone, just as the truth was then to everyone. As humanity falls into the Kali Yuga, the period of greatest obscurantism, the truth is no longer apparent to everyone. Now, it is buried inside a hidden cavern, a place that is difficult to access and where the initiates go to die to be reborn. The symbol of the cave, like that of the heart and that of the Holy Graal, is the triangle with the vertex downwards.


The symbology of the cave, then, is closely related to that of the mountain here. There are two ways of expressing this relationship: when the cave is underground and leads to the mountain, it is expressed as in fig. 12. When the cave is expressed as the heart of the mountain, it is expressed as in fig. 13. Dante spoke of a paradise in the center of a mountain, for example. And it is known that Dante was a poet versed in symbology.



The relationship between the two figures can be seen in the symbol of the Hylian shield.

Montaña y cueva.jpg

Montaña y cueva corazón.jpg

Hylian shield.jpg

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9 hours ago, Nivram said:

here is the Solomic Triangle of Art...used to summon demons...





Solomonic Simbology for sure must be studied. I have a book with the Solomic Keys, but they are way to advanced for me. Maybe, in the future I will able to share the meanings.

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