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hey there bulk of bones.


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HI there, I'm syx/sintax - you can call me Lia. I'm learning HTML/CSS and want to learn bout computers, torrenting, routers, computer crap and all  of that as a blooming hobby to occupy my Art hobby.

I love things deemed "edgy" :

  • True Crime
  • Gore/Human Anatomy. I'm thinking of becoming a Mortician, digging into your internals and breaking your rib cage :sex:
  • Horrorcore
  • Guns (I don't know much, but my significant other is willing to teach me)

Personal Things about me:

  • Living with a family member after running away
  • I have MDD, SSRI = Anhedonia and Self-Harm
  • Uses She/her/he/him pronouns 
  • Monster, coffee, and weed :worship:
  • If you wanna use tone-tags with me,,I'm all for it if it makes you feel comfortable. 

That's really all I have for you all.


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