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What do you think happened to Jimmy Hoffa?


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  • 9 months later...

From what I had read the story seems to go that his car stopped near a diner. His driver/security guard got out and went to the diner to get some coffee for the two of them. While waiting for the coffee a teamster started talking to him and mentioned how impressed he was with Jimmy Hoffa's leadership. The driver/security guard told him the man was sitting in a car and he could go over and talk to him.

This is where things changed. The teamster walked towards the car with the security guard walking behind him holding the cups of coffee. The teamster than withdrew a handgun and shot Hoffa. Before the security guard could drop the coffee and draw his own handgun he was also shot. The vehicle was than loaded onto truck and driven over the boarder into another state. Where it is assumed it was buried in landfill.

This is assuming a great deal. The first is that the shooter knew where Hoffa was going to be and was able to have a truck and collaborators on hand to execute the execution. It would be easier to assume that Hoffa was car jacked when he went to a destination that was frequented by him. Than driven out of state to a landfill. Or perhaps he will show up at the bottom of Lake Mead reservoir. ☠️


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