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Resident Evil Thread


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I didn't like 7 that much. Thought it was good, but disliked the whole first person thing. That being said the setting for 8 looks interesting, they haven't done overtly gothic aesthetic since Code Veronica.

It's worth noting that one of the scrapped versions of Resident Evil 4 was to be set in a castle. They often recycle concepts, i.e. the scrapped Resi 3 becoming Resident Evil Revelations. I wonder how evident, if at all, influence from the scrapped Resi 4 will be.

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'pologies for the necro, but since i'm wearing my lady dimitrescu shirt rn, i may as well pop in.

i haven't played a lot of resi titles, mostly just the mainline ones, save for 5 and 6. (i'm late to the game and taking my time.) i go nuts for leon though, he's one of my fav video game characters ever.

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