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The term "Woke"


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Fuck the woke. They need to stop being sensitive pussies. Racism does exist and yes it's a bad horrible unexcusable act however it isn't as bad as these woke BLM, Antifa, liberals are making it.....I don't understand it though because I'm white right? Mother fucker I've been called honky, stupid ass white boy, cracker, ect. It doesn't matter. I don't make a huge ordeal about it. The only thing holding anyone down in America is the government or themselves. Race has nothing to do with your struggle. The borders are open now. We're letting everyone in. Rapists, dealers, murderers, addicts, it doesn't matter. Welcome to America. Remember every white person is racist and you deserve to do whatever you want.frank grillo omg GIF by Endemol Beyond woke nope, you're a pussy

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