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I'm happy to be here!

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Hey I'm Jay, and I like many of you I am an occultist. I say I'm an occultist because it fascinates me, but what I really am is a truth seeker. You could say I'm an alchemist, but I should clarify what I would define as alchemy. What I define as alchemy is enlightenment, and enlightenment comes from the will to receive, which is why my favorite character of all time (Neo) represents Will in the Matrix series. Without it, one can never realize the truth, which is that the truth lives within each and every one of us, but our ego is what blinds us to it. That's what I define as alchemy, and I live my life in unity with it. I am God, but I am also Satan, and it's up to me who and what I allow to rule over my mind, body and spirit (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). You may think this sounds Christian, but it's actually Gnostic which is exactly what I am.


Although I was a Satanist in the past, I came to know what it really was with my research and it wasn't something I could identity with any longer. I was attracted to it because of how individualistic it was, but it's very clear to me now that it's a philosophy of moral relativism and the indulgence of our baser instincts which I never agreed with. As a spiritual person, I think it's very unhealthy to indulge in our baser instincts, and it's very egoic to think that we can play God with reality and ignore anything that disproves what we think about it. I think the goal of any spiritual person is the humility in knowing thyself.


I'm here because I want to meet other like-minded people that I can relate with, as there aren't many (if any) goths where I'm from. I do have Asperger's syndrome so it's difficult for me to relate well to neurotypicals, but I'm sure that won't be a problem with any of you. As a hobby, I do cybersecurity which is one of my obsessions, as well as BitTorrent and Usenet. If any of you want to know anything about cybersecurity, BitTorrent or Usenet, that's certainly something which can help us to relate to each other, as well as occultism. I also love mythology, and I'm obviously a goth, so the goth subculture is something I'm very much apart of with all of you. Anything out of the ordinary is of interest to me, so if you feel very much the same way, we'll relate quite well.


Anyway, that's all I will share. If you want to know more about me, you can always message me privately and we can get to know each other. Thanks for reading, please comment and I'll see you around as I lurk in the shadows.

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