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  1. I feel like we had the same childhood. Lol just need to add Thundercats and ronin warriors
  2. Back to 2002 before I hooked up with my now ex wife. Would've saved my self a lot of mental anguish.
  3. So glad tomorrow is my Friday, I'm ready to recuperate after this hellish week.

    1. Omen


      I can relate to loving Fridays. I normally work 50+ hour weeks. The weekends are just the gym and relaxation with video games and movies.

  4. Grilled rattlesnake. Was kinda awesome like really flavorful chicken but flaky like fish.
  5. Oh gods, that's terrible. Lol.
  6. I don't even know how to "introduce myself" to an online community anymore but I guess here I am lol. Looking forward to meeting new friends to overcome the stagnation that has become my current social circle so in advance; its nice to meet you.
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