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Astrology info, breaking down your zodiac, your birth chart, zodiac memes, etc. We won't be limited to astrology of course, as the site grows so will we!
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  2. Hey everyone, how has everyone been?
  3. Sun sign: Virgo Moon sign: Pisces Rising/Ascending: Leo
  4. Hi I'm Raven, I'm a Leo-Virgo cusp sign.
  5. Sun: Aries Moon: Capricorn Rising: Gemini
  6. Sun sign: Leo Moon sign: Cancer Rising: Aquarius For anybody who doesn't know, there are free resources online for your basic natal charts.
  7. Yo, I'm Jack. And, I'm a Leo sun and Cancer moon.
  8. Seems lie the site is doing alright in regards of activity I just have a bad habit of not coming back for a few days at a time Everyone remember to come back!
  9. Hello i'm new here, i'm Carly and I am a Libra. I'm psychic & a empath, I have always wanted to learn to use tarot cards, I like reading books about witchcraft. I don't know much about astrology, but I do watch tarot card readings on youtube and I understand the basic meaning of tarot cards. I'm a goth, but i'm not rich so since people are elitist, they reject me just for not having a lot of money/wearing very expensive clothing. People are toxic, salty bitches and suck ๐Ÿ™„
  10. Hi Hi! I really miss the cults, please let this place take off.
  11. Sun Sign: Sagittarius Moon Sign: Cancer Rising: Virgo
  12. Hi hi, I'm Sheila. I'm a Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon, and Virgo Rising. I'm very much into astrology and always have been.
  13. Hello all! My daughter is an Aquarius! Very creative people.
  14. I'm a Aquarius and I'm proud of it but being a goth is the hardest part because i cant find the right girl for me.
  15. Hi! I'm Ellie (went by several usernames over the years on vf). I'm a pisces who's in love with a leo
  16. Hello. My name is Salem (my chosen name) and Iโ€™m a Taurus sun. Iโ€™ve recently become very, very interested in astrology and learned how to read natal charts. If anyone would like a reading, I can have a go.
  17. Have you done your birth chart? Or have you had someone else do it? Do you relate to it or no? Knowing what time you were born helps narrow things down but you can do it without. There are all kinds of free birth chart apps and websites out there. Co-Star is a popular one, a quick google search will find you a long list of websites. Note: If you don't know your birth time and your moon sign doesn't seem to fit, check the date you were born and if the moon phase changed that day. Just google *birth date* moon sign. If there are two signs maybe you relate to the other sign better. With that, what are your big three? Mine are: Sun sign: Gemini Moon sign: Taurus Rising/Ascending: Sagittarius
  18. yes I am!! He calls me boring sometimes Yess, he's a very unique personality honestly, the Aries is so damn bullheaded and stubborn, the Pisces so sweet and empathetic. It takes a while to get past the ram to get to the Pisces traits lol Me being Gemini (air) I just fuel his fire. Hey Jordan! I almost forgot that we share a bday! ๐Ÿ˜„
  19. Hey I'm great! I just got a new couch yesterday, I feel like such an adult and it's so comfy. Isn't it such a weird feeling to be in cults again?! I'm so excited for this place.
  20. Hi! I'm doing good. How are you? ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. I'm Jordan (went by ShadowAmour on VF), and I'm a Gemini.
  22. Niiiice! So are you usually mellow too? lol And true. At first, I found birth charts confusing haha. I've only ever known about sun signs and didn't know that there could be other factors that affect the traits too. Also, an Aries sun and Pisces moon? That's a great combination tbh. Makes for an intense and creative personality. Well, usually lol
  23. Hey Jo! I'm a Taurus moon too! ๐Ÿ˜„ I agree, there are so many factors in a person's birth chart. My fiancรฉ is such a typical Aries, but his Pisces moon makes him sympathetic(sometimes lmao)
  24. Hello! I'm Jo and an Aquarius. My Moon sign is Taurus, and my Rising is Cancer lol. I haven't really studied astrology much, although I used to love reading books about it when I was younger. A lot of people are skeptical about astrology, especially in horoscopes, but for some reason, I find that the traits of the signs actually are more or less true for a lot of people.
  25. Hey how's everyone doing?
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