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Sleep paralysis


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I was woken up cold and confused. My entire left side - the side on which I was laying - was cold and wet and itchy.
The second thing I noticed was that it was dark.
Every night for the last week, dreams were invaded by something inhuman. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad.

There it was. 
I checked the edge on my blade, sharp as ever. 
The sword was a magical black hole, an endless pit that practically no Arcane power could escape.

And so it began. 

I looked up and he was staring at me, standing right in front of me. 
His eyes were a shimmery silver, contrasting starkly against the dark blue hue of his skin.
He stood several inches taller than everyone else around him.
They would never look like anything but clones to me, irrespective of gender. 
The rest were coming with me. The world seems so distorted.  

 He just goes in. The truth comes out.

He sidestepped the table and barreled into me, arms wrapping around my shoulders...
It seems like he has absolutely no control over his emotions. My thoughts exactly.

He pulled back and stared into my eyes with something like fear.. 
The gold chains and small jewels hanging from my horns and wrists and tail would catch the light with each movement, and I knew that I looked like a glittering goddess to these people.
It may have been less jarring if the dreams weren't so vivid or detailed, or at the very least, it was the same dream.
My legs gave out, and he held me tighter, slowly lowering us both to the carpeted floor.
Two black horns peeked out of the shaggy, black hair that sat atop his head.
The energy is coming back to him with full force.
I could feel the restraints that locked on my wrists, ankles, and neck.
Even his smile had a hint of something otherworldly, as his canines were just slightly longer than that of a human.
Behind him a long thick tail whipped the floor.

This had real promise. 
The strangest sensation began to spread across my brain. 
Demons came in all kinds of colours and shapes and sizes with the only true rarities being white and black.
His crimson skin was covered with dark as night fur on his arms, legs and chest.
"What?! Fuck no!"WHAT?" my eyes widened as I started to understand what he had in mind.
I began to lose the feeling in my limbs as my mind grows numb and my vision blurs. 
There is no way out. I can not concentrate anymore...

The moon changes to a blood moon. A whirlwind full of chaos.

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I want to chase the lightning strikes and watch the solar system light up. 

The demons roared back in approval and more than a few of them.
On the way almost a dozen demons were trampled, barely slowing down the biggest horde ever assembled.
He couldn't keep his eyes straight as the garden of attractive flesh across from him.

The trampled were too weak to notice.

I knew without looking that all eyes would be following my every move.
His fucking of the nightmare woman had the desired effect of getting his fighter's blood up.
There's an electric energy in the clouds.

The demon horde roared in approval.

Let me know if you can catch me.
He whistled and my wings spread, floating down to him.
The voices were different than before having dropped their acts with their prey now dead.
The piercings in my long ears, in my nose, and on the diamond-shaped tip of my tail made me seem even more exotic, and maybe a little dangerous.
"Everything you truly desire will be granted." The demon said.
The moon changes to a blood moon. I run towards the red glowing light. 

I want the hunt to feel dangerous.

My breath came fast and my heart was pumping even faster than that, but it wasn't just from the lack of air.
The sky is darkening as if rain wants to fall.
Don't look back. I ran. SNAP. I can't have him catch me so easily like last time.
I laughed and my mind started to think about our recent experience.
I crouched lower into the grass as his voice was in my direction.
Even then, that may have only been an illusion to the surprising events of the night.

What next?
My thoughts send me wild but I never want them to end…..
The crows were high above our heads. We looked immortal.

I start hovering above into the clouds and a large swarm of crows gathering around me. How rough things were.
dropped through cloud cover on edge, hovered just under.
As static charge builds up in a storm cloud, the electric field surrounding. 

I will die a spectacular death as my world explodes.


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I let it flow around me, through me, and out of me.

I walked up to the temple doors, whose once thick, oaken doors were now worn and cracked.
I pushed one side. It creaked open to reveal a large room.
What secrets would be revealed to me in this ancient place?
An intricate altar at the other end of the room was illuminated by the light that came through the collapsed ceiling.
Hundreds of dried leaves adorned the floor, blown in through the collapsed parts and forming a scattered carpet on the stone floor. I feel it is darker now. 

The demon blocked the front of the double doors I had entered.
As it began to move, he approached me.
Suddenly, the wind was knocked from me by a hit to my stomach and I collapsed to the ground.
I can hear the thunder.
The being stepped away from the shadows to reveal himself more clearly.

I feel it's intense now.
"Go on, underestimate me, that’ll be fun. I'll push the limit."
He wasn't surprised, but then he'd been with me long enough to get used to this.

The demon laughed triumphantly and stepped toward me. Here we go again. 
"I win, as always," he gloated with that same deep voice.
He knelt down to my face, smiling and revealing a set of fangs that could easily pierce skin. "I have plans for you." My breath grew heavy. I could barely contain my excitement. My exact thoughts! Show me your strength.
The demon stripped off his pants, revealing his large shaft dangling between his legs.
I've awoken the beast. 
Before me stood a red, muscular demon with two curved horns protruding from his forehead.
I looked up into his eyes and saw him grinning.
The demon's voice broke into my thoughts.
A small part of me continued to resist! My tail swished faster, the tip cutting through the air like a knife.
His muscular back drew my attention and I found myself admiring the contour of the various muscles.
His frustration! these emotions I feel coming from him. 
My mind felt like it was going to break at any moment. You love it when I’m in that state. 
these emotions I feel coming from him. I can feel it all.
The demon walked away and yanked on a chain that I now noticed was in his hand.
At some point, a collar had appeared around my neck and with it a leash.
It’s really hard for us to just quit. These dreams.

On the other side of the room was a set of dark black, iron double doors. He pushed open the door.

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Then stepped off the edge of the marble walkway, and dove through the sea of clouds beneath those golden towers. It’s peaceful here, quiet, so intimate. 🌚

He fell on wings of feather and fire, and moment by moment that perfect light faded behind him until that light was gone, and he was alone in the misty void.
We are deep in our little bubble. It’s peaceful here, quiet, so intimate.
Today he was a warrior, falling to earth to smote the wicked.
The thick grey clouds choke the moonlight intermittently, as I watch from under the sparse trees.
Even in free fall though, the first hints of light beneath him were only just starting to glow dully beneath him.
When he finally broke though those final clouds and spread his wings for the first time, he took in the lay of the land from the world beneath him that lay unfurled like a map.🌛🌜
It’s when I close my eyes that my world truly comes alive.
The colours are brighter. The sounds are louder.
I can almost feel my heart beating out of my chest...
I think about it all... It’s so dark here. I concentrate on the sounds.
The stars explode in my eyes. It’s the pain that makes me feel most alive.
I deeply inhale. Just being close to him.
His main wings each stretched almost nine feet as he set them against the wind.
This allowed him to soar even in this thin air while his much smaller secondary wings beat hard to speed him up.
A very large, terrifying, horned giant. looking into my eyes.
The soothing sensations passed the time while his wings brought him ever closer.
Seeing the glint of excitement in his eyes. I am like a creature.
The pain is harsh. It radiated off him in waves; I could feel it. You do not escape unscathed.
It isn’t that easy to break. In perfect control.
I take His punishments! The more I struggle and fight.
Thinking it's all up to me. They were real. It feels so liberating to live in the moment as much as I can. That's when life flows!

Thank you for all these soft, sweet things you have left behind.

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Oh what a beautiful day it was!!! It didn't make much sense to me.
This is what I was afraid of Waking up inside a tube! That I couldn't leave.
They were inside of me, repairing my broken neck.
You've come to the right place......Whenever I was killed. This is where I stayed.
The void of the truth on the outside! There's no chance to escape.
Normally I’m not someone who is intimidated very fast, but this...I kept falling in and out of sleep.
And right now, I don't think it's a good time.
I don't think I have a name anymore.
The next time I wake up. I could be at the breeding table.
I can't be sure, as my masters do not speak my language.
They are very strict in their use of me, and they consider my needs very little.
However, when I first arrived, I was frightened. I was disobedient.
I was not a good animal, but I have learned over time that my resistance will only bring me pain.
I don't remember everything from before, but I remember the night it all started.
I lay panting on the table, now just waiting for whoever had taken me to show up.
It was just me and this creature, one tentacle curling up the forearm pinned against my side, the other working its way along the inner thigh.
The creature was taller than the average man, with multiple arms, strange joints, and what appeared to be a blue carapace, like that of a beetle.
It was an engorged pink, corded with muscles or ligaments, thick as my wrist.
I suddenly could only make soft, pathetic noises through my nose.
My mind wouldn't form into coherent thoughts.
The creature sighed, as if relieved to hear me shut up.
I began to shake, feeling completely exposed.
He fiddled with the plug and brought two straps, attached to either side of it, around my head and carefully clipped it in place behind my hair.
The creature got a damp sponge and rubbed me down, leaving me cold and sensitive.
The sensation was overwhelming. Its tongue opened up, to reveal a tiny mouth.
Another was wrapping itself around my neck and head, the tip tapping at my lips, trying to force itself into my mouth.
There was no space that was not filled by pulsing flesh.
It was slimy, slick like a fish would be, but oddly warm and pulsing.
I could not see what he was doing after that, only heard him rustling with his tools between my legs.
Then with a quick, powerful movement, the tentacle around my hand wrapped around the wrist.
The one in my mouth forced its way down my throat, muffling my voice.
I was being thrown up and down, wrists and ankles straining against the straps that held me.
Drool was spilling out of my mouth, and tears from my eyes, as the creature jotted down a few things, removed the gloves he had been wearing, and left the room.
My table tilted back down so that I was horizontal, and I stared silently as Osh moved back to my feet. I felt unable to speak. I no longer had a voice to complain about. Eventually, I passed out from fatigue.
When I woke up again, I was still strapped down, though this time I was in a different room; a darker room, and I was tied to the floor.
My brain released its euphoric chemicals that drowned out fear.I also felt dizzy; they must have drugged me.
A massive door opened in the distance, and a huge mass of writing tentacles came crawling towards me.
The monster came closer and closer, and I could see how it towered above me, hundreds of times my size.
I looked back as the massive monster got closer, whipping its tentacles in my direction.

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An illusion will be created so fast.

I'm bleeding like you.
I could feel their roar as millions of boots thundered across the ground, millions of wings, Demonic and Angelic, beat through the air.
I let it flow around me, through me, and out of me. There's a demon lurking in the dark.
Even his smile had a hint of something otherworldly, as his canines were just slightly longer than that of a human.
Two black horns peeked out of the shaggy, black hair that sat atop his head.
It may have been less jarring if the dreams weren't so vivid or detailed, or at the very least, it was the same dream. I'm becoming like you.
I struggled valiantly with the tangle of dark forms on top of me.
His eyes were a shimmery silver, contrasting starkly against the dark black hue of his skin.
The room was small and mostly made from wood.
The art on the walls was a series of gothic fashion models and sci-fi movie posters.
You have no idea how crazy they get once you shape-shift into horny dragon.
I closed my eyes and let the magic flow through me, reaching out into the endless forever.
The stench of sweat and blood hung heavy in the air.
I didn't know what else to do.
The smile that broke across my face came unbidden. It will be over soon.
All dark hair, bottomless eyes and a cruel mouth, now twisted in a playful smile.
Take a look! if you dare. My face flushed again, now feeling embarrassed by how much I'd been shaking earlier.
Twisted like a snake!
The coppery stench of spilled blood saturated the floorboards nearby.
A naked dark elf, skin crawling with acid-green tattoos of serpentine blades and skulls, left a writhing bundle on the sheets and stepped into the light.
The sight, combined with the sudden memories of us fucking, made my body shift instantly.
He had a god-like body, it was beautiful.
He sighs as he stares down at my pale and freckled naked body tangled in the bed sheets, looking as forlorn as I've ever seen him.
That reaction very, very clearly pleases him.
Even when I didn't struggle in my bondage, I felt the metal leeching my energy slowly from me, sapping at my resolve.
I felt ridiculous and squirmed around uselessly on the floor like a blindworm.
I surprised myself by the act of it. When I looked up, he was watching me.
My body spasms beneath him as he fucks me faster and harder, screaming his name over and over again as he works me through my orgasm.
My guys had sent them through portals from every corner of the planet.
Angels chatted with Demons, sharpening blades or checking ammo; some laughed together, some sat in silence.
Everywhere I looked, the old world bled away.
"I feel like I can barely move."

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The predator got within the distance and prepared to pounce.
 His spirit rushed forward into the earth as darkness enveloped him.
Butterflies and birds fluttered about peacefully as the sky went dark.
I felt a twang in my heart and butterflies in my stomach as he approached me, hovering about half my body's length from the ground.  
His strong features were posed in deep concentration.
There's something you need to see before you'll believe...
His army was restless and wanted to, needed to, go Above and rip and tear everything limb from limb.
Some great energy had been unleashed somewhere in the world on that day and that, combined with the fresh air released me from my stony confines.

That's how he became their treasure hunter, if you will.
Suddenly the skies parted and an angelic glow was cast down on me.
Every howl of the wind sounded like angry cries of the fallen.
The blue highlights complemented his strong features.
Storm clouds now swirled in the sky casting a deathly shadow over the meadow.
He looked around and smiled at the colorful bird upon his shoulder as it tilted its head at him.
He let out the deep breath and slowly got higher up in the sky. 
The effect continued within his head, just like his visions, months ago, of the past. Your body is starting to feel relaxed.
It looked like specs of even brighter green light flashed within those orbs.
It took me an hour to work all the feeling back into my body and by then my memory also came back.
So I still have to keep my senses going at all times and I can't just walk around in my demon form where someone could see me.
Soft rays of moonlight spilled over the ground and illuminated the crystal blue of a stream. Two shapes formed from darkness.
So I just stood... naked in the middle of a meadow.
They stepped into the light of the moon to reveal themselves. From this angle they were large and round, becoming his whole world.
That's how he came to be within an ancient temple buried beneath the earth.
Three more shapes materialize in the night. Dark growls interrupted their whispers of question.
Howling broke out in a torrent of sound that ripped through the night like a beautiful, yet guttural, lullaby.
They stood under the moon as naked shapes and bodies hunched forward as the change wrought itself upon them.
Embrace what you are; embrace the night wholeheartedly.
Magic coursed through his veins as his eyes lit up with an orange glow.."Stare into my eyes and lose yourself.
"Your body will have a powerful urge to obey me.You'll try to resist, and it will be Hard!"
I am the source of that power, literally and figuratively.
At first it felt like I had drunk way too much, and I couldn't remember what had happened, but something wasn't right. 
He rose on his hind legs, the change enveloping him as he shifted to a cross between wolf and human.
I struggled valiantly with the tangle of dark forms on top of me.
There were many bodies and soon I was on the floor face down with a couple of knees in my back.
I tried not to look intimidated. I didn't know.
I don't know if it did anything but it seemed to help him focus.
One thought that spoke louder than the rest was how horny he was.
"Well, I could leave, but there'd be no way back here."
I raised my eyebrows. I had no choice but to tell the truth.
I was absolutely dying! I wanted him to take me right then and there in front of everyone. At least that was the plan.

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I knew it would come to this someday.It was earth shattering. I regained consciousness slowly. The first thing I became aware of was a heavy weight in my mind.
I was confused and scared as the darkness rushed in on me and kept on rushing. I'm running out of time.
I could feel myself moving, but my sense of what was up and down wasn't working. The lengths that I will go to.
He had a dark set of horns on his head, I couldn't see his facial features, only the shape of his glowing white eyes.
His reasoning was to gain more knowledge that would help with his work taking me back with him.
Of course, had no intention of being on Earth without seeing his bride.
My body felt higher than it had ever been. The voice was so very familiar.
I saw a pattern in the blood-red ocean around me.
The light began to grow larger until it dominated most of my vision regardless of where I turned.
As I felt the water fill every part of me, I accepted all that it was.
He would turn me into something monstrous, as hateful and angry as the crimson abyss.
It felt like all my senses were tingling with atrophy; I was numb to the world, insensate almost, but that light was just really fucking bright.

Part 2

You’re exhausted.
He comes to me every night.
My eyelids threaten to close, but some small part of me is screaming to run. In my dreams he does exist.
And I cannot resist.
Now you’re in the auto plant, watching the enormous steel bearing rotate, the spindle spinning out a slow, shallow river of steel coil.
You’re listening to the steady rhythm of the heavy blade dropping over and over, slicing the steel into long, narrow blanks.
My rigid body riots against the stillness, but these useless limbs are locked at my sides.
Your body has gone through these motions a hundred thousand times or more.
Your mind need not be here.
Your mind is not here.
Your body has gone through these motions a hundred thousand times or more. Your mind need not be here.
Your mind is not here.
Its hot breath washes over me, and a rumble starts in its chest.
I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.
My body sinks to the ground of its own volition, and I waver on my knees, stunned by a high-pitched buzzing in my ears.
"Call me back, I dare you." Even its strange cock is slick as it slides further, pushing to my end. Too much.
And do not trust yourself to stay the same—it’s not possible.
A pressure makes even my numb body buck.
And all you ever had of me was a ghost, and for me you were only an inkling.
Keep changing. Keep becoming who you will be. Keep carrying forth our intention so we both can be free.
That rumble becomes a ripping growl, and as it meets my end, rimming me from the inside before forcing its way through my last defense.
Deeper, deeper, into places I have never felt before, twisting and twining through lengths of rope inside of me.

Too much, and I'm going to burst.

You take a deep breath, hold it, then empty your lungs on exhale.
Claws drag my ass open, forcing my body to bend as it takes me violently, never seeming to find its own satisfaction. Intent on breaking me.
A blindness overtakes me, and my throat works around the intrusion to form a true scream.
My arms drop against my will, and I'm pressed hard against its ruined flesh.
It breaches my delicate organs, my every muscle going rigid.
Claws catch the underside of my jaw, and I witness that abysmal countenance again, its every feature branding itself in my mind.
It arrests my breathing, my throat working against the intrusion as it inches ever deeper.
My eyes roll back as I struggle for air, but my body has abandoned survival for this wretched incursion.
I can only stare as that black tongue thickens, tracing the hollow of my open mouth before delving in hard and fast.


MY first werewolf dreams part 1

I'm in trouble.
A defenceless human. And he paid me back by doing things that showed me exactly who he was.
In those weeks of me fleeing from house to house he was always able to track me down so I stayed under his watchful gaze.
I was a terrified mess hiding in the attics or basements of any house that seemed promising.
Acting out in fear and in deep seeded frustration of the hunt and hide life I was living.
I finally decided to simply give in to whatever he wanted, even if I felt I didn't deserve it.
I asked, mirroring his confusion back at him.
I deserved to be treated like dirt... but I knew he would never listen to me.

He was so brutal but I loved it. It was part of who he was.
The scar was all down my torso! Already healing. Next full moon. I am in trouble. I can't predict how I will turn, I'm fucked.
I made my way through more bodies to a flat stone plinth, but here there was no werewolf, just a naked human form I knew all too well.
I could feel chills explode behind my skull, running down my spine, spreading energy throughout my body.
The stories we will write… we have had the time of our lives…
I was fascinated as we went from humans to beasts, transforming into a wolf has almost torn me to shreds.
My eyes are now stripped of all humanity and replaced with the eyes of a hunter - usually including excellent night vision.
Think lots of eye sex. And, uh, some actual sex, too. 
How could I tell him no? " I tried to sound as soothing as I could.
As my tail lashed out. The rest of the world is weirdly fascinating.
you willingly decide to walk into Hell, you might as well look like a demon.

I hadn't been able to in a long time and after feeling so many emotions throughout the night, I felt safest letting my wolf take over.
Seeing it time lapse from blue and pink to orange and purple.

My entire body starts molding itself into its new werewolf shape, which is usually a lot taller and broader than a human and somewhat slouched.
The shape-shifting element in werewolves' stories has almost.
The wind runs through my fur and the feel of the forest floor beneath my feet.
What were once your normal human hands get mangled and your skin peels away.
They are replaced with the large, hairy, dangerously clawed hands of a beast.
Once your new body parts start popping out, a slimy, dog saliva-like substance oozes out along with blood from your snapping joints.  
So my bones begin to snap, lengthen, and pop through the skin and back into place.
Last time I was here the staircase was in the hallway with the bar and huge dining room where many people gathered.

My first dream about turning into a werewolf.
That has some meaning, that I will never forget.
There's Something important about that dream.
Two dreams in one night. wow, how could it get any better. 🥵

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it must. As a blissful dark dream. People sit in the doorways, gathered in small groups; young children, women, a few men, limbs thin, faces drawn, bellies distended, skin drawn tight across their skulls with dark eyes peering out at me, looking for the bit of hope that I can bring them.All these accidents! I can still remember a point in my life, long ago, when life was happy. Then came the day that everything changed…

  • turn around and walk back into the small village.
    A child steps from a doorway and walks over to me.
    Her mouth is toothless.
    She reaches out and touches the triangle hanging down from my neck.
    She only stares at me.
    Her hair has fallen out in patches. She has no tongue. Still her eyes shine.
    As I breathe out I see my breath drifting from my lips.
    I see the shadow stretch out over me, my shadow swallowed by it. She stares at me and says nothing.
    And she was gone...
    My skin has broken into goose bumps, cooled by the oppressive shadow.
    There was electricity in the air, the scent of building rain, and the morning sun overwhelmed by the approaching storm. The icy rain swept the ferry roughly.
    The lands and buildings lay in ruins, scattered rubble, gnarled and twisted trees.
    My body was trapped between the gap of the cliff.
    I did not have a choice. The climb seemed to last an eternity.
    I stop as a shadow drifts over me, blocking the sun.
    There he stood at the pulpit. He stepped onto the stone floor, his feet thudding loudly in the silence of the cliff.
    The demon smiled into the coming clouds, feeling the heaviness of the air, the promise that had been building long before the sun had set the night before.
    The Demon smiled, revealing his perfect white teeth.
    That's when things started to go wrong for me.
    His volcanic ash had spewed forth from his body, empowering himself from deep at the core of the planet.
    The night, he realized, was full of promise after all.
    A foreseeable outcome, he was prepared for.

    You don't have to speak.

    All I want is just to be loved,

    There he is! He sees me, and he's got that look on his face! He looked bad. I am a victim of all of your fears...

    The entrance had even been boarded up; to make sure that none would have the opportunity to sneak down here.
    I just want to fulfill my desires,
    And have you hold me tight in your arms...

    I can hear my own heartbeat. It pulses through my ribcage and I can feel it in my wrists as I hug myself tightly.

    You would think that he'd have realized when the screaming stopped that she'd died.

    The place where old memories die. That shatters even the strongest of minds.

    Let It be it needs to be. To complete your reality.
    A truly deadly act.
    You can tell by eyes. There's no need. To act surprised.

    †You know
    That I adore you. So, don't make me say it".
    An hour....only an hour until, I climbed up the cliff.
    The new world was waiting on the other side. It was a bad day to be on the other side.
    Beneath us, fireballs exploded across the ground.
    Swords clashed, sparking off each other, blood sprayed my face, and I kept running straight towards the light.
    Everywhere I looked, the old world bled away.
    It would be over soon. The echoing clang seemed to drown out the world around us.
    I kept running towards the light. magic spells and flashing blades ended lives.I froze...fucking froze... When he grabbed me. I was up high. Above everything.I looked for an escape.
    The leathery wings broke shimmered in the fire with the liquid running off them.
    My heart pounded, knowing I was at this evil creature's mercy."I have plans for you."
    I tried to wiggle away from him, but he firmly dug his claws into my thighs, holding me in place and sending pain into my body.
    He gripped my hips, spun me over, and spread my ass cheeks."You know exactly what I'm going to do to you."
    The gooey liquid acted as a far better lubricant than it should have.
    Surprisingly, a certain desire started to form inside me, a feeling to be ravaged and filled with this demon's cock.
    His tail twitched playfully as he stretched, the movement only accentuating the stillness of his rapidly engorging member.
    The demon's voice broke into my thoughts "You're starting to enjoy this human," he taunted.
    The thought of the demon releasing everything into me excited me to my core.
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This is the most depressing dream, I have ever had. 

The rain was unrelenting, beating against the house 
I remember when I was trapped in here and everything was starting to go dark, I remember just hearing them, their cries of pain, a distant feeling of suffering. 
 The darkened bricks of the house were covered with crawling ivy.
 Everything was dark. Ominous. 
A naked dark elf, skin crawling with acid-green tattoos of serpentine blades and skulls, left a writhing bundle on the sheets and stepped into the light. 
Another the shiniest of gold treasures. His tail came last and he rose to his feet. He's nine foot tall, black hair, hazel eyes, short trimmed beard and a toned build.
The space was large enough that even at nine foot five there was still some space between the top of his head and the ceiling.
A strong jawline covered in a well manicured beard and mustache. And shadow thrills. 
The moon shines through the storm. Torches illuminated a few sets of elaborate dark elven weaponry, slender swords, serrated daggers and angular bucklers, hanging from the walls while a sturdy desk stood besides a large, octagonal sand pit. 
A type of sleep where things happen: nasty, bizarre, feral relationships with an unseen partner, a fantasy that can't be controlled. 
I remember the days of shifting to be a werewolf, how it felt, what I had to do.
As he began to move, he approached me. I thought long and hard about it. I could die tomorrow, and he wouldn't notice.
I've had this idea in my head for a while. I finally pulled my gaze from the ceiling and looked him in the eye. 
 I don't want to lose this feeling, even though I have to. In the back of my mind. I feel it's intense now. Thinking it was Meant to be, Or that we have some Kind of special Meaning. And now the world Doesn’t feel Right. My body floods with endorphins.


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Kidnapped by aliens.

The quiet pulsing noise always heard in the background was loud here. Earth will still be there.
A nurse placed a device which had about two dozen heads on it against my upper arm and pulled a trigger.
That would be wrong of us to kidnap you for our own benefit and then keep you on our planet for the rest of your life."
I was suddenly injected with numerous vaccines and supplements. 
I've got combat training. I want to Believe. 👽  
It felt so real, so unlike a dream. 
It was blistering up here, reaching temperatures high enough to vaporise water. 
I had to be reasonable with myself, though - I was human again.
Which, to be honest, explained a lot of things about my life.I could feel the soreness dissipate from my joints.
She had no hair, instead a smooth skull with more gray-white eyes dotting the temples and crown.
"You know I hate your kind. 
And don't consider lying to me. You know I hate your kind.]Now, if you don't answer me, I'm not going to help you, I am simply going to eat you. Maybe my mistake was blinking?
There was no way to rationalize this.
There were three tall creatures standing above me. The pain started to ramp up again. It is hard to deceive someone or pretend when your entire body gives you away.
It changed quite uncontrollably with their emotions and moods.
They were simply wild. He hovered behind one of them. 
He looked insane, capable of anything. Much taller than any human.
And he had a manic smile to match. 
It felt different than human skin somehow, and very warm.
There was no point in resisting.
His very warm fingers. .
This explains a lot. "He's waiting for the medicine to take its true effect. 
The feeling in his chest didn't go away.There was no choice now.
I had played with them, licked them and bitten and kissed them, but for some reason there was something more to it this time; remembered as a sex-symbol for years. 
It tastes great going down, but it's gonna fuck you up later. 
I just held on for dear fucking life.

The way you breed, you can become the dominant life form in a matter of months.

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The Secret Garden.  Most of it was a dream, and still, all of it had been real. 

My mind razed with intense, confusing emotion.
You have made a place in my heart where I thought there was no room for anything else.
Everything felt so soft and happy.
It was indulgent, it was excessive, it was exactly what I wanted.
Thin black smoke began to seep out from between Bazög's parted fangs as he breathed heavy. 
It moans in the trees; did you hear it? 
He was tall, taller than me or any human I had ever met. ........................................
We believe in the freedom to love who we choose to love. 
I can sense when my breath is deep inside of you 🔥 
An airy castle that I can almost see. 
He blew a long stream of fire to one side and then said with a growl, "You will become a queen." After another burst of flame he added, "And I will become stronger."You are here, now, and things will be different, this time." I added. 
He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders alone.🔥🖤🔥
His wings ruffled in the chilly air, shivering in his tarnished copper scales as he traced over the single gold and silver scales. 🌙 Bazög. 
He brought his clawed hand out of the lava, taking a fair amount of the molten rock to rub over his chest.
You must come to me. Lie down upon the soft grass of this hillside." My own special place away from my troubles where magical things happen. 
He looked exactly like a dragon who was ready to die.
There was a slightly awkward silence for several seconds as the two of us looked at each other.
Being comforted by a concerned dragon companion. 
His back rose higher than most horses and those massive wings remained folded and close.
It is where Death is; It is where Life is.
The air was still, tense. 
I sit here reflecting on the love in my heart. The less any interest is shown, then the more likely I’m ultimately bound to stay away.
I think very deeply; I’ve always done so, ever since I can remember.
I wore the elegant (and quite comfortable) robes of my rightful position as a woman with pride.
He was undying loyal, and I had always admired him for that. 
I mounted him and his massive wings beat on either side of me, stirring up dust and rocks. 
We took off, and his flowing mane trailed along in the wind.
My heart was pounding in my chest. 
Watching his musculature shift with each minute movement was hypnotizing. "All this is yours if you just let me kiss you."
 if you let me kiss you, I will make you even more beautiful and more powerful."
It’s been some while, and goodness knows, I’m very much aware of this! Sometimes the fight is everything. 
The dead arise from the grave of my past places, ready to fight.
They bind me in shackles and they throw away the keys. The nature of trauma is that it makes us run away from ourselves. 

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As far as the physical actions involved into paralysis during sleep; we may consider the bodies natural way it can freeze the body during REM sleep.

Exactly how the muscles are paralyzed has been a mystery, however. Early studies pegged a neurotransmitter called glycine as the culprit, but paralysis still occurred even when the receptors that read glycine's presence were blocked, disproving that notion.

So University of Toronto researchers Patricia Brooks and John Peever cast a wider net. They focused on two different nerve receptors in the voluntary muscles, one called metabotropic GABAB and one called ionotropic GABAA/glycine. The latter receptor responds to both glycine and a different communication chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, while the first responds to GABA and not glycine.

The researchers used drugs to "switch off" these receptors in rats and discovered that the only way to prevent sleep paralysis during REM was to shut both types off at the same time. What that means is that glycine alone isn't enough to paralyze the muscles. You need GABA, too.

So essentially the body may cause too much of the enzymes. The side affect being that it causes the body to stay frozen even after the REM state has ended and the body is in the process of waking up. Just a suggestion. ☠️

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