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  • 8 months later...

That was a good poem! I enjoyed it though I'm late to respond.

Here is one of mine.

Once Late at Night

In the deep hour of delight

In the blackness I seen

A wee bit of white.

All over in the sky

I found my eye

Attentive on the glory of God

I saw chapter nineteen

And verse one

Out of the book of Psalm.

It was one starry world,

The universe long,

Long and long

Like life is everlasting goes

On, on and on.

I saw God when I looked

On a starry night I was hooked.

Open your eyes into

The light in the night,

Keep your eyes awake children

Use your hearts

Look out at all the stars

With your eyes leaping away.

The stars have been spread

Like what I have read

Then may we be seen tonight,

I'll see me in the starlight.


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